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A  Platform Lift or Vertical Platfrom Lift, commonly known as VPL, is a type of elevator for people; either for vertical or inclined travel. Platform lifts can be open or closed.

Some platform lifts models include customizable hoistways in steel and glass, panoramic shaft doors, shaft ceilings; others are a basic non-customizable product, focusing only on providing accessibility.

Lift delivered in ready-made modules


Upon entering the lift the passenger will travel on an “L” shaped platform car inside an elevator shaft, enclosed by elevator shaft and doors. The adaptability of the lift shaft,  shaft doors and additional customization options vary depending on  the elevator manufacturer chosen for the project. Learn how platform lifts work.


Platform lifts are safe alternative to stairs and a way to provide acess to family members or friends unable to go up and down the stairs in a safely manner. Platform lifts safety features include mechanical sensors to stop the passenger car travel, in car communication systems, emergency battery function upon power lost, among many others. Learn about VPL safety featrures.


With no machine room, no pit, minimal headroom and minimal space requirements, platform lifts have the power to become the perfect accessibility solution in most homes. Some manufactures offer platform lifts specially designed and adapted for outdoor applications as well as for wheelchair use or ADA compliant.


In the US, platform lifts must comply with the ASME A18.1 code, which limits the travel between floors to 14 ft, or two stops. When looking into platform lift manufacturers, make sure to ask about code compliance, which also limits the lift car size and load. An expirienced sales representative should be able to answer general code compliance questions.

Industry trend 

Platform lifts began as an accessibility alternative to conventional elevators, designed to fulfill ADA or accessibility requierements. In recent years, and specially due to Covid; the accessibility industry has evolved to expand the use of platform lifts into residential applications.

Personalization, noise minimization, fully electrical systems and easy adaptation to an existing home; make platform lifts the perfect product for the residential market.

Choosing the right platform lift begins with knowing the available product choices in your market to have a better understanding of what to expect when choosing to invest in your forever home.

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