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Being together at home for the past year and a half has been a direct consequence of the Pandemic. As a result many homeowners were made aware of the importance of having a home appropriately equipped to provide access to additional floors for easy living.

Stairs as the only way to access the additional levels in a home is time consuming and not always a possibility for some family members. The residential elevator market in the US has been expanding for the last decade as more companies widen their elevator offering with less intrusion and more customization options, to adapt to the home market.  Below the five top advantages of why a homeowner should consider to install a home elevator.

Top 5 advantages of a residential elevator

1.Safe for the Whole Family

Stairs can be a hazard specially for children and the elderly; many of today’s accidents inside a home are a result of falls caused by stairs. A residential elevator is a safe alternative to stairs, providing accessibility to those in your household who may have been unable to go up and down the stairs safely.

2.Increases Property Value

A residential elevator enhances your living space which in turn increases your home property value. The home elevators of today can be attractive, customizable, modern, luxury pieces. Selling a home with accessibility to the upper floors will widen your prospect pool.


Residential elevators are designed to adapt to your home, with modular, customizable parts that easily adapt to your available space. Some manufacturers don’t even require a concrete shaft for the elevator cab; resulting in an unintrusive installation process.

4.Easy installation

With no machine room, no pit, minimal headroom and minimal space requirements, residential elevators have become an accessibility solution reality for most homes.

5.Minimal noise 

Home elevators in the past feature noisy machinery, which made the choice of having an elevator at home a tough one; today some manufacturers offer equipment that when operational are as noisy as a running sink (measured as 40-60 dB).

Choosing the best home elevator begins with knowing the available product choices in your market for a clearer understanding of what to expect and to ask for when choosing to invest in your forever home.

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