Platform lift in elementary school


Vertical passenger solutions designed to provide easy accessibility, thanks to its smart and ergonomic design.

accessibility in schools

Accessibility is a human right and so is the right to education. People with disabilities should have the same access to school buildings as everyone else. Cibes school passenger lifts help to provide access to all.

finding the right school ELEVATOR

Identifying the needs of your students and staff is the first step to deciding what kind of elevators you should get for your school.  Below, we have shortlisted some other important points you need to consider before making your choice.

Different lift installation solutions

where do you want to place the elevator?

Think about where you would like to place the elevator. Inside or outside of the school building? In the middle of the staircase or next to it? Anything is possible.

Lift models

what kind of elevator do you want?

If you need a elevator for 2-6 floors, a platform elevator or a cabin elevator is definitely the best choice. For a small staircase a Cibes B385 lift may be the best option.

Wheelchair lift options and accessories

What accessories do you need?

Power door openers and remote elbow buttons make calling and accessing the elevator much easier. Voice announcement, level indicators and door locks are other useful options.

More inspiration

WHY CHOOSE A school elevator BY CIBES?

We make high-quality , ready-made elevators which can be installed without extensive building work. Our elevators will adapt to your school building and needs, not the other way around.

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