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key aspects to consider when remodeling your home

Plan ahead

Set specific project deliverables

Assign a budget cost

Shop around

Be flexible

Consider other appliances

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considering an elevator

as part of your home renovation

You should consider, specially if you intention is to stay in your forever home; additional home appliances capable of improving your everyday life. A residential elevator is an example of such appliances. The elevators of today do not requiere much contractor work, as they are able to be placed over an existing finish floor; not needing a dedicated concrete shaft, pit or machine room for their installation.

Black home lift

Lift modernisation by Cibes

why a residential elevator?

A residential elevator is a modern and practical addition to your everyday life, providing easy access to every level of your home.
Among Cibes elevator advantages:

✓ Customizable ✓ Many available sizes ✓ Modular design ✓ More than 200 colors available
✓ Short installation ✓ Elevator shaft included ✓ Shaft doors included ✓ Wheelchair compliant
✓ Placed on existing floor ✓ No pit required ✓ No elevator machinery required ✓ Easy installation


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the advantages of  a cibes elevator



With a know-how from over 40,000 installations worldwide, we support you from the first consultation, lift customization, lift installation to the commissioning of your elevator.

customizable Design

Your Cibes Lift is unique. Choose from numerous options to create an unique personalized elevator design.

A smart investment

A home elevator allows you to stay at home for a longer period of time and can be considered a valuable asset to potential home buyers looking for that forever home. A home elevator is a sound real estate investment.

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