What is a screw-driven elevator?

A screw-driven elevator has a simple but ingenious system for elevation: The platform or cabin of the elevator is attached to a drive nut that moves up and down the screw, powered by an electric motor. When the motor turns one way, the drive nut makes the elevator travel upwards, and when the motor turns the other way, the drive nut makes the elevator travel downwards.

Advantages of screw-driven elevator technology #

The screw and nut drive is a very safe and reliable system that has a long lifespan (approximately 25-30 years with proper maintenance). The secret behind its longevity is its simplicity. Thanks to the reduced number of moving parts and the robust and durable mechanics, there simply is not that much that could go wrong. The drive system is also compact enough to be fitted inside the lift shaft, which is why this type of elevator requires no separate machine room, nor extra headroom. Another advantage is that many elevators with screw and nut drive can be installed without a lift pit.

low maintenance drive system #

The screw and nut system is very robust and requires less maintenance than hydraulic or belt-driven elevators. Our elevators come with an auto lubrication system that keeps the screw oiled at all times, so that maintenance visits are needed less frequently.

screw-driven elevator

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