How much space do you need for an elevator?

How much space you need for an elevator depends on the type of elevator and elevator size you choose.

If you have 10 49⁄64ft² to spare, you have enough room to fit a lift in your house. Our smallest elevator model has a 23 ⁵/₈ x 32 ⁴³/₆₄”  platform size (W x D) and a minimum cut-out size of 39 ³/₈ x 39 ³/₃₂”. It will literally fit into the space of a wardrobe.

On the other side of the spectrum, our largest goods elevator has a platform size of 55 ⁵/₁₆ x 97 ⁴¹/₆₄” (WxD) and a cut-out size of 74 ³⁹/₆₄ x 102 ³/₄”. A large elevator like that requires 53 15⁄64ft² but is also large enough to transport a pallet truck loaded with pallets or 8-10 people.

All our elevators are screw-driven, which means that the machinery fits inside the shaft (machine room less). Our compact drive system also saves you the trouble of accommodating extra space above the elevator and digging a deep pit. Our elevators require a headroom (height floor to ceiling on the top level) of only 90 ³⁵/₆₄” and a pit depth of 0 – 5 ¹/₈” (for a 0″ pit, an access ramp is provided).

Whatever elevator model and size you choose, our elevating solutions are very space-efficient compared to conventional elevators. For our platform lifts, up to 70% of the total footprint of the elevator is passenger space, while the machinery and shaft construction only constitute 30%.

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