Can I have an elevator instead of stairs?

The short answer is that in a vast majority of countries, you would not be allowed to replace your stairs with an elevator, and for very valid safety reasons. There might be exceptions, but we strongly advise against replacing your staircase with an elevator. If the elevator breaks down, you need to have a staircase to ensure that you are not completely blocked on one floor. In addition, if there is a fire, you must never take the elevator but evacuate by the stairs instead.

If you asked yourself this question because you do not think you have enough room for both a staircase and an elevator inside your home, you should know that there are other solutions that are much better and safer. In many cases, it is possible to install one of our elevators at the center of your staircase, or just beside it. Our smallest elevator model only needs 10 49⁄64ft² of space. It is also possible to place a staircase outside your home. Another great solution is to install our outdoor elevator on the outside of your home.

Lift instead of stairs

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