Can I fit an elevator in my house?

If you have 10 49⁄64ft² to spare, or the space to fit a wardrobe, you can fit an elevator in your house. It might sound unbelievable, but it is true for our smallest elevator with a platform size of 23 ⁵/₈ x 32 ⁴³/₆₄”. Unfortunately, people who live in small houses with limited space often assume that there is no room for an elevator in their home, although there most often is.

Space-efficient elevators for your house #

Cibes platform elevators are very space-efficient and can be fitted in small and narrow spaces like the void at the center of a staircase. Unlike most elevators, our platform lifts do not require a separate machine room and can be installed without a deep pit. On the top floor, a headroom (height between the floor and the ceiling) of only 90 ³⁵/₆₄” (or 2300) mm is required for a full-height door. The smart, space-saving construction makes it easy to fit our elevators in your home without major structural alterations.

Can I fit a lift in my house

No room for an elevator inside your house? #

If you do not want to sacrifice any of your indoor space, or if there is no good location for an elevator inside your home, installing an elevator on the outside of your house is also possible. An elevator leading directly to the outside also offers you comfortable, direct access to your garden and ties your indoor and outdoor living spaces together. Our outdoor elevators are equipped for tough weather conditions, including snow and rain. Discover our outdoor elevator solution here.

Outdoor lift

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