Modular, low-speed passenger lifts

Cibes CABIN lifts

Cibes cabin lifts provide the same level of comfort as conventional lifts but require less building work and space.

WHY CHOOSE a cibes cabin lift?

Cibes cabin lifts are much faster and easier to install than conventional elevators. The ready-made concept, flexible configuration and timeless Scandinavian design ensure seamless integration with all kinds of buildings and architectural styles. Discover the unique benefits of cabin lift series Cibes C1 Pure.

Customized lift design
Cabin lift for site-built shaft

 space-saving concept

Machine room less cabin lift


Domestic lift with 2500 mm top height

8′ 2 7/16” TOP HEIGHT

Cabin lift with 100 mm pit

15/16” LIFT PIT

Cabin lift under sloping ceiling


A. cabin lift cibes c1 pure

The space-saving concept of C1 Pure requires minimal refurbishment and reduces your building costs.

  1. Guide rail
  2. Lifting screw

B. conventional Hydraulic lift

The big headroom and deep pit of conventional hydraulic lifts, require extensive refurbishment.

  1. Override
  2. Guide rail
  3. Hydraulic tank

C. conventional traction lift

The big headroom and deep pit of conventional traction lifts, require extensive refurbishment.

  1. Top machinery
  2. Override
  3. Guide rail
  4. Counter-weight
Customized lift design


The 8' 2 7/16" top height is the lowest on the market and fits easily under most ceilings.


The machinery fits inside the shaft, no need to build a separate machine room.


No need to dig out a deep lift pit, a shallow pit of 3 15/16" is enough.

adaptable lift design

Cabin lift with modular glass shaft

Modular glass shaft

Modular lift shaft in steel panels

Modular steel shaft

Cabin lift designed for site-built shaft

for site-built shaft

Classic lift cabin with push button controls

classic cabin – white

Customised cabin interior

Premium cabin – wood

Premium cabin with touchscreen controls

premium cabin – white


Full comfort

easy installation

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