Interior Design Trends in 2022

Published on 2021-11-29

We all love to get new ideas and inspiration from recent trends, and we now see a shift in interior design trends influenced by the pandemic. Therefore, Interior design trends in 2022 will focus on creating a nurturing, calming, and comforting environment.

Hence why Evergreen Fog, a calming and soft green, was just announced the color of the year!

So, what can you expect for Interior design in 2022?

This blog will show you the top interior design trends that will make their way into the next year.



Minimalism, as defined by Oxford Languages, is a movement characterized by simple, massive forms. The minimalist design prioritizes the essential, it keeps things simple, neutral, and avoids excess clutter to achieve pure elegance. Warm minimalism is derived from minimalism; it combines simple elegance with coziness.


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What to do to achieve this style:

  • Follow a warm and neutral color palette based on soft colors
  • Quality over quantity rules, be very selective with the items in your home
  • Add some texture using natural materials
  • Use mirrors, lamps, and tables as accent pieces


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Plants are must-have interior pieces, so it makes us happy to say greenery is here to stay, but not necessarily in the way we are used to. In 2022 bigger is better. We will see a trend in purchasing larger plants instead of tiny succulents.

What to do to achieve this style:

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No more fast home decor: in 2022, it’s all about quality over quantity. People will be looking for high-quality, durable materials and adding furniture that brings colour and playfulness to their home environment.

The source of the goods is just as important; ethically sourced materials will be sought after as we stray away from mass production. Refurbishing and renovating will be trending since it is an environmentally friendly way to revive spaces! Needless to say, there is no reason to buy new when you can renew the old!

What to do to achieve this:

  • Buy new products that are built to last
  • Focus on extending the life cycle of your products by giving them the proper care and maintenance
  • Purchase items that have been sustainably produced
  • Look for vintage stores with antique furniture
  • Repurpose old furniture to fit your new style
  • Focus on energy-efficient appliances
  • If you need to get rid of a piece of furniture; always check if your family, friends, or local charity organizations are interested

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What goes around comes back around, they say, and that is why we expect the 70s interior design trends to make a comeback in 2022. Do you think of disco and bold, bright colors when you think of the 70s?

The 70s are characterized by vibrant colors, flowery prints, and eccentric furniture. There is nothing not to love about the fun and eclectic design of the 70s.


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What to do to achieve this style:

  • Look for colorful glass bases
  • Use wicker and rattan furniture
  • Implement a warm color palette
  • Combine different styles that work well together
  • Use retro patterns on accent walls

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5. Natural Materials

In 2022 it will be more common to see raw materials in furniture, appliances, and even lifts! Due to the focus on quality and extended lifecycles, whicker, silk, natural wood, stone, and fibers will become more popular.

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What to do to achieve this:

  • Look for high-quality furniture and home appliances that are made with durable natural materials
  • Include accent pieces made from wood, bamboo, metal, stone, rattan, and feathers

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6. Multi-functional rooms

Due to the pandemic, home isn’t just a place to dine and watch movies, but it has become an office space. Most of the world had to work from home and adapted their space into a work environment. Because of this, multi-functional rooms and furniture will be in high demand in 2022!

What does this mean? Rooms that can transform from bedrooms to workspaces and living rooms to home gyms will be more common! Multi-functional designs are up and coming, with creative chairs that become tables, room dividers, and mobile furniture, the new trend in functionality is here to stay!



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What to look for:

  • Innovative furniture pieces that serve more than one purpose
  • Webbing screen or a suitable room divider
  • Furniture options that offer you more storage
  • Pieces that respond to your needs

“The home should be the treasure chest of living.”- Le Corbusier

2022 interior design trends will be driven by the change the world has experienced over the past two years. It’s now about how things look and where and how they were made and the purpose they serve to the user. Which is your favorite interior design trend for 2022?

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