Main aspects to consider when remodeling your home

Published on 2021-09-15

Architecture and interior design

Home remodeling has become a trendy subject due to the pandemic, more time indoors has made people aware of the need to change their interior decor and appliances.

Additionally, social media before and after posts showing exceptional results after a home remodeling has made many homeowners begin to consider a home renovation project.

In this article, we include the main aspects to consider before you embark on a remodeling project.

Main aspects to consider before a home remodeling project

1. Plan ahead

Planning should be the first step when considering investing in a home renovation project. Looking into available finance options, tax exceptions, as well as if the project requires a building permit; will help you in determining an estimated timeline and overall project budget.

2. Specific project deliverables with assigned budget cost

It is important to communicate and adhere to specific project deliverables – meaning precise action points that are measurable and have an assigned budget cost. Ex: Exchange bathroom floor tiles for snow white tiles from the chosen manufacturer by week 35 for X USD. Such action points shall be presented and discussed with your chosen contractor.

Having a specific deliverables list will give you a clear overview of the project scope and budget and help you when discussing pricing with possible contractors.

3.Shop around

Take your time researching a few contractor firms, making sure they are insured; comparing work bids. There are many resources available online, in Miami the Home and Design webpage provides a list of sources for remodeling purposes. Word of mouth is also an effective way to find a good, reliable contractor. Keep in mind that a reliable firm will provide you with a professional written budget and contract.


Understand that timelines might change as a result of product availability, contractor’s work schedules, or other factors such as delivery delays.

5.Consider additional appliances

The most common appliances listed in remodeling posts are kitchen appliances. You should also consider, specially if you intention is to stay in your forever home; additional home appliances to make life easier. A residential elevator is an example of such appliances. The home elevators of today does not requiere much contractor work, as they are able to be placed over an existing finish floor; not needing a dedicated concrete shaft, pit or machine room for their installation.

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