5 tips on Home improvement & renovation

Published on 2021-09-22

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Being at home had made many of us realize of the necessity to tackle a few home improvements projects. We have been made aware of scratched floors, broken window screens, leaking faucets; but above all we are made aware of our need of space. As property values increase in the US, particulary in cities with a wide offering of outdoor activities and milder weather; it is important to focus on home improvement projects with a high probability of increasing the real state value of your home.

Here we include 5 rennovation projects to consider to increase your property value:

  1. Expand your house storage
    More time logged in on our computer devices and the expansion of online shopping has resulted in an increase number of personnal and home purchases. More things require more space; making storage options a highly desireable commodity.
  2. Update bathrooms and flooring
    Increase usage with all family members continously at home, had made many home owners aware of decaying pluming fixtures, out of style vanities, and flooring. Bathroom updates are therefore a great place to start and one that, accoding to research, pack the highest return on investment.
  3. Choose a color pattern capable to please a wide audience
    A mild patern might not be as flashy and bold as a modern design but it will be easy adapted to most homes decors; making new owners more likely to choose a light color pattern versus a bold one.
  4. Revive your rooms with a new coat of paint
    Specially appealing in water affected areas, such as bathrooms; a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color will widen the appeal of your home to potential buyers.
  5. Make your home accessible to all
    Appliances that allow owners to stay at home for a longer period of time, such as a residential elevator can be a valuable asset to potential buyers looking for that forever home. A residential lift can be installed in as little as 2 to 3 days, making your home accessible to all. Learn more about residential elevators.

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