Cozy minimalism: Scandinavian design and functionality

Published on 2021-10-26

Scandi design is defined as a trend based on simple clean lines, focusing on beautiful functionality. With a minimalistic core, the design targets the less is more approach: your home as a santuary of essential items that bring value to your everyday life, for a decluttered – open space feeling.

Advantages of Scandi

  1. Simplicity: A simple design is usually regarded as neutral, including neutral color schemes capable of bringing peace and quiet mindfulness into your home. Color neutral schemes can also be appealing to potential buyers looking for a modern clean environment.

2. Order: Minimal simple clean design is associated with order, with a reduced number of pieces that are both functional and beautiful. Every piece have a purpose: the result is a decluttered home environment.

3. Cost-effective:  Clean forms and functionality makes Scandi a suitable choice for those looking for a few pieces to enhance their interior design while providing value. From high end to low end, it is possible to find pieces that adapt to every budget.

4. Open space: With minimalistic design and functionality at its core, Scandi values space.  A trend specially useful in big Cities where space comes at a premium.

Cibes Lift offers Scandi Residential Elevators, designed to fulfill functionality while adding beauty to your home. With a minimal footrpint required for installation: Modern, beautiful Scandinavian home accessibility technology adapted to your home.

Parisian apartment

Scandi Elevator Solutions by Cibes Lift – Modern Accessibility Solutions designed to adapt to your Home’s interior design

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