BIM design and its advantages

Published on 2021-11-17

Building design is a challenging process, tools that ease the process such as computer models are developed to mimic reality and to avoid the inherit mistakes.

BIM (Building Information Model)

Is a digital building representation composed of product details as they are in reality, helping architects and designers visualize the building in a real environment.

why BIM? – Top 5 advantages

  • Close to reality: a 3D digital model created using materials and dimensions specifications to mimic reality.
  • Dynamic: Changes can be implemented easily and accurately.
  • Expense planning: A perfect tool for resources and expense planning, as it includes all the elements of the buliding construction in detail.
  • Visualization made a reality: An idea is easy to convey if is possible to be seen, extrude, exploded and explored easily and from all angles.
  • A game changer: Differentiate your product by being a BIM early adopter. Building companies are continuesly adapting BIM, as a manufacturer being an early adopter is in your best interest.

Cibes Elevators are automatically generated as a BIM model

All that is needed is to import a Cibes BIM elevator model into the building model, where an architect will instantly be able to determine the fit.

Adjustments needed? Not a problem and in 3D

Adjusting the confguration of a BIM model is easy, time and cost efficient – as they happen in the digital world.
Consider specifying a Cibes Elevator as a way to achieve nature inspired minimalistic design with the ability to adapt to the latest design trends.

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