2022 Home Design Trends

Published on 2021-11-05

During the last months of the year, we start to plan and consider renovation projects and budgets for the year ahead. The best way to start is to have a look at design trends for inspiration keeping in line with what other homeowners are craving – a stylish update makes your home appreciate in value, especially when updates match other homeowners’ needs and wants.

2022 Home Design Trends include eco-friendly, nature-inspired, minimalistic designs where a private home office and combined spaces collide to make your home gain a balance between coziness and efficiency.

  1. Minimalistic design: Decluttering your space to feature those items that are most used as well as clever clean-line accessories that are both functional and beautiful. Some examples: a functional board featuring some artwork, an industrial-designed desk lamp, and an aesthetic desk organizer.
  2. Eco friendly: Or non-harmful to the environment include natural materials such as metals and organic textiles – examples are organic linen and cotton.
  3. Home office: Designing a home office that reflects quietness and efficiency should be your goal. Include bluetooth devices for minimal wires, organizers to minimize clutter. Consider an ergonomic chair and a stand-up desk as an investment in your health.
  4. Nature inspired: Adding green to your home is easy, but is not the only way to add a natural feeling. Nature-inspired textures and materials are a way to achieve a natural feeling in your home. Consider materials such as linen, wood, and wool for a soft natural feeling to your home space.
  5. Combined spaces: Integrate your home space by eliminating sectional walls, for added space and functionality. Integration is key to achieving coziness and ergonomics – a well-designed space should be free and open avoiding the feeling of confinement.

Consider a home elevator as a way to achieve Eco-friendly nature inspired minimalistic design with the ability to get to the next level easily.

With materials that include linen, wool, metal, and wood our home elevators adapt to the latest trends in Home Design.

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