Business Owner’s Guide to Buying an Elevator


If you are a business owner, you are probably aware that an increasing number of business establishments are legally required to comply with accessibility standards….

How technology can improve your home


Technology is changing rapidly, as devices become smarter, life at home gets easier. You can lock doors, change the temperature, turn the lights on, all…

Net zero building

Sustainable Building and the Path to Net Zero


As our world transitions into net zero, sustainable building is an emerging concern for people, governments, and businesses. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the…

8 Interesting Elevator Installations in the Netherlands


At Cibes, we have produced and installed over 70,000 elevators worldwide, in locations varying from schools and zoos to seaside villas, so it’s safe to…

Home elevators: A rising trend in 2022


Do you see and hear more and more often around you that people are installing a lift in a house? That’s right, the home elevator is…

How to make your business accessible


If you want your business to be easy to access for everyone, things, like installing a wheelchair lift or making sure that there is dedicated…

7 reasons why you should get a home elevator


Residential lifts used to be a luxury; nowadays, home lifts are an intelligent and necessary investment if you want to future-proof your home. Whether you…

The difference between a stairlift and a home lift


The advantages of having a lift at home are endless and there is a suitable solution for everyone’s needs. However, when it comes to buying…

4 ways to extend the lifecycle of your home lift


At first glance, the efforts to extend the lifecycle of your home lift may seem insignificant in the face of the global climate crisis. But…

International Day of Persons With Disabilities


Worldwide, there are an estimated one billion people with disabilities, who face many obstacles on a daily basis. Not only when it comes to accessibility,…

Interior Design Trends in 2022


We all love to get new ideas and inspiration from recent trends, and we now see a shift in interior design trends influenced by the…



Your home interior represents who you are, and color plays a big part in it too. Color enables us to make a room evoke feelings,…

BIM design and its advantages


Building design is a challenging process, tools that ease the process such as computer models are developed to mimic reality and to avoid the inherit…

2022 Home Design Trends


During the last months of the year we start to plan, considering renovation projects and budgets for the year ahead. The best way to start…

Cozy minimalism: Scandinavian design and functionality


Scandi design is defined as a trend based on simple clean lines, focusing on beautiful functionality. With a minimalistic core, the design targets the less…

Elevator drive systems & Home Lifts


When considering a residential elevator, it is essential to have a basic understanding of the different drive systems offered by manufacturers. Knowing the basics will…

Home Elevator Safety


Safety, specially for a complex home appliance such as a home elevator; should be a key aspect that you should consider when studying the possibility…

5 tips on Home improvement & renovation


Being at home had made many of us realize of the necessity to tackle a few home improvements projects. We have been made aware of…

Main aspects to consider when remodeling your home


Home remodeling has become a trendy subject due to the pandemic, more time indoors has made people aware of the need to change their interior…

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