Cibes Air isntalled in stunning Northumberland Village

Cibes Air installed in stunning Northumberland Village, Ponteland UK.

When building their forever home, Cibes Lift UK’s latest customers decided on including a Cibes Air platform lift. Guaranteeing they future-proofed themselves and their property from any potential mobility issues was a key consideration of their projected build.

The customisability of the Cibes Air allowed for a perfect fit within the clients’ aesthetical palette and has since become a focal point of their new entrance hallway.

Having the opportunity to design their home from scratch they benefited from a smarter, cleaner, and more flexible blueprint with the unique ergonomic design of the Cibes Air fitting effortlessly within their space. Simultaneously complimenting their lifestyle with its timeless Scandinavian design.

Thanks to the modular design of The Cibes Air, your lift can be installed in as little as 2 to 3 days, with minimal structural intrusion making it perfect for renovation projects or just like our latest clients, building a home from scratch.

The couple were able to find the perfect combination of colour and texture to fit in with their style, finishing their Cibes Air with a granular bamboo back plate and surestep black seagrass flooring.

The panelled glass door fits seamlessly with the other modern architectural features of the home and supports in accentuating natural daylight throughout the property.

A combination of intuitive design and timeless elegance makes the Cibes Air the perfect choice for a future-proofing endeavour. The Cibes Air home lift comes with a breadth of personalisation to ensure you can create the lift of your aesthetical dreams.

  • Designed with wood, fabric, and metal
  • Close to 300 different colours
  • Lift shaft with panoramic glazing
  • Available in 17 platform sizes
  • Reduced work and building costs
  • Minimal interruption of your daily life
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