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Cargo lift Cibes A8000 is powerful enough to lift 1000 kg and large enough to transport goods pallets and pallet trucks, or groups of 8-10 people.

  • Delivered in ready-made modules
  • Low lift pit and top height
  • Installation in 4-5 days
1000 kg platform Cibes A8000

Powerful GOODS LIFT with attendant

The generous platform sizes and high load capacity make goods lift Cibes A8000 our most powerful and versatile lift. The Cibes A8000 is a lift certified for safe transport of both goods and passengers, also known as a goods lift with attendant. This means that staff members are allowed to accompany the cargo while the lift is travelling.

In addition, the Cibes A8000 has a much smaller footprint than a conventional lift and can be installed in less than a working week. Contact us today for a free quotation!


The lift is delivered in ready-made elements with everything you need for installation, including the lift shaft.

The large capacity makes the Cibes A8000 suitable for most public and commercial buildings, such as warehouses, shops, offices and museums.

The low pit and headroom, ready-made shaft and integrated machine room of the Cibes A8000, minimise the structural impact on your building.

Our ready-made lift concept speeds up the installation and reduces the need for structural adaptation.

Goods elevator


All of the screw-driven machinery and electrics fit inside the cargo lift. No need for a separate machine room.

Goods lift with attendant

130 mm lift pit

The Cibes A8000 lift can be installed with a floor recess of just 130 mm, or directly on the floor if you add an access ramp.

Reduced headroom

2350 mm headroom

Thanks to its smart and space-saving construction, goods lift Cibes A8000 requires a headroom of only 2350 mm.

Overview of goods lift Cibes A8000

The Cibes A8000 is a large and powerful lift for passengers and merchandise that is surprisingly space-efficient. In fact, an amazing 70% of the total footprint of the goods lift is constituted by the lifting platform, which means that the Cibes A8000 makes great use of your space. The Cibes A8000 also offers you many great practical features and hard-wearing options that guarantee that your lift will last and look good for many years.

Cibes A8000 technical data

  • Rated load: 1000 kg
  • Power supply: 3 × 230 VAC/3 × 400 VAC, 50 Hz, 16 A, 5 × 2,5 mm²
  • Speed: max 0.15 m/s
  • Min headroom: 2350 mm (full-height door)
  • Lift pit: 130 mm or 0 mm with access ramp
  • Max travel: 13 m
  • Max number of stops: 6

Note: The floor cut out may vary depending on lift configuration. For exact measurements, please ask Cibes for project specific drawings.


Lift SIZES & CUT OUT sizes

Platform size (w x d, mm) Cut out size (w x d mm)*
1105 x 2180 mm 1595 x 2310 mm
1405 x 1980 mm 1895 x 2110 mm
1405 x 2480 mm 1895 x 2610 mm

*Cut out size =  the minimum size of the lift pit on the bottom floor and the minimum opening for the lift through the floors.

Goods transport

Extra wide lift doors

The doors of cargo lift Cibes A8000 have a clear opening width between 1000 and 1300 mm, depending on the lift size. This makes it easy to transport all kinds of items.

Door models Cibes A8000

EI60 fire rated lift doors

The Cibes A8000 offers you the choice between standard steel doors and EI60 fire rated doors with a small vision panel or with panoramic glazing.

Aluminium Plate Floor Goods Lift

Hard-wearing floor

Aluminium checker plate is is sturdy and resistant. The perfect floor choice for any goods lift.

Goods Lift with raised edges

Raised platform edges

Raised platform edges will protect the shaft walls against damage from trolleys and pallet-trucks.

Goods Lift

Kick-plates in stainless steel

Kick-plates in stainless steel will protect the doors of your platform lift from dents and scratches.


Our lifts are type certified by the notified body Liftinstituut B.V. and are allowed to carry the CE mark.


Cibes Lift was founded in 1947 and our lifts have been designed and manufactured in Sweden ever since.


Our lifts meet the high and exacting requirements of European safety standards and are safe and easy to use.


The Cibes A8000 is listed in the database for building products that can be used in Nordic Swan Ecolabelled Buildings.

Examples of other applications

Thanks to its compact and ready-made construction, the Cibes A8000 is a very cost-efficient lift solution compared to conventional lifts of equivalent capacity. In addition, the certification for transport of passengers and merchandise, makes the Cibes A8000 an ideal solution for a wide range of buildings and applications.

Cibes A8000 platform lift

Care homes & clinics

Cibes A8000 platform lift

School buildings

Cibes A8000 platform lift

Restaurants & hotels


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