Space-efficient passenger lift

Cibes C1 Pure

Affordable, space-efficient and easy to install, cabin lift C1 Pure is a great lift solution for public, commercial and residential buildings.

  • Timeless Scandinavian design
  • Space-saving solution
  • Low construction costs

Comfortable & cost-efficient

Are you looking for a comfortable and cost-efficient lift solution with fast delivery and installation? The Cibes C1 Pure is the world’s only screw-driven cabin lift with a fully enclosed cabin and sliding doors. All elements of the lift are ready-made, which speeds up both delivery and installation. In fact, this unique cabin lift can be delivered in as little as 6-8 weeks and installed in just a few days.

In addition, the Cibes C1 Pure has a much smaller footprint than a conventional passenger lift to save as much as possible of your squarefootage. Contact us today for a free quotation!

CIBES C1 PURE (300/375/450/525/630 KG)

The lift is delivered in ready-made elements with everything you need for installation.

The lift is available with a ready-made shaft and requires minimal building adaptation for installation, resulting in reduced building costs.

Unlike most lifts, C1 Pure has no machinery above or beneath the lift, everything fits inside the shaft. This makes C1 Pure very space-efficient and easy to install.

The ready-made lift concept can be installed in just a few days and requires minimal building preparation. All electrics are plug & play and the C1 Pure is available in versions prepared for 3×400, 3×230 and 1×230 VAC power supply.

Touchscreen lift controls

One touch operation

Equipped with a fully enclosed lift car, the Cibes C1 Pure takes you to the floor of your choice with one single push of the button.

Passenger lift with small footprint

small footprint

The Cibes C1 Pure is a machine room less, screw-driven passenger lift that requires much less floor space than a conventional lift.

Cibes C1 Pure


The elegant sliding doors of the landings and cabin provide a superior level of comfort and are available with door panels in glass or steel.

Cibes C1 Pure


The cabin ceiling is designed with durable and green LED technology and equipped with smart and energy-saving light programming.



Cibes C1 Pure Technical Data

  • Rated load: 300/375/450/525/630 kg
  • Power supply: 3 × 400 VAC/3 × 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 16 A, 5 × 2,5 mm² or 1 × 230 VAC 50/60 Hz, 32 A 5 × 2,5 mm²
  • Speed: max 0.15 m/s
  • Min headroom top floor: 2500 mm
  • Lift pit: 100 mm (120 mm if the floor is fitted with wood laminate or tiles)
  • Max travel: 15 m
  • Max number of stops: 6

Note: The cut out sizes may vary depending on lift configuration. For exact measurements, please ask Cibes for project specific drawings.


Scandinavian lift design

Automatic sliding doors

The Cibes C1 Pure has telescopic sliding doors for both landings and cabin. The doors are available with door panels in steel or glass that open towards the machinery side.


Cabin size (w x d, mm) Cut out size (w x d, mm)*

Doors – Single entry

Cut out size (w x d, mm)*

Doors – Open-through

900 x 950 mm 1410 x 1310 mm 1410 x 1450 mm
900 x1200 mm 1410 x 1560 mm 1410 x 1700 mm
900 x 1400 mm 1410 x 1740 mm 1410 x 1900 mm
1100 x 1200 mm 1610 x 1560 mm 1610 x 1700 mm
1100 x 1400 mm 1610 x 1740 mm 1610 x 1900 mm
1100 x 1700 mm Not available Not available

C1 Pure for masonry shaft

Cabin size (w x d, mm) Cut out size (w x d, mm)*

Doors – Single entry

Cut out size (w x d, mm)*

Doors – Open-through

900 x 950 mm 1350 x 1240 mm 1350 x 1410 mm
900 x 1200 mm 1350 x 1490 mm 1350 x 1660 mm
900 x1400 mm 1350 x 1690 mm 1350 x 1860 mm
1100 x 1200 mm 1550 x 1490 mm 1550 x 1660 mm
1100 x 1400 mm 1550 x 1690 mm 1550 x 1860 mm
1100 x 1700 mm 1550 x 1990 mm 1550 x 2160 mm

*Cut out size =  the minimum size of the lift pit on the bottom floor and the minimum opening for the lift through the floors.

According to European Accessibility Standards a cabin size of minimum 1100 x 1400 mm (w x d) is required for public buildings. Contact your Cibes dealer for more information.

Machine room less lift

machine room less

Lift with minimal headroom

2500 mm headroom

100 mm lift pit

100 mm lift pit

Site-built lift shaft

seamless integration

Cabin lift with ready-made shaft

Cabin lift with a ready-made shaft

The Cibes C1 Pure is also available with an elegant, ready-made lift shaft of steel or glazed panels to reduce building time and construction costs.

Cibes C1 Pure with lift shaft by others

Cabin lift in a masonry shaft

The Cibes C1 Pure can be delivered without a ready-made shaft and fitted inside a masonry shaft for a seamless integration with your interior design.

the magic of glass

Glass is essential to modern architecture because it opens the space and brings an abundance of natural light into the room. The lift shaft, cabin and doors of the Cibes C1 Pure are available in glass.

accessibility options

Are you looking for a passenger lift solution that complies with all relevant accessibility standards? The C1 Pure is available with a range of accessibility accessories that will adapt to the requirements of any public or commercial project.

Inclined lift comtrols

horizontal control panel

Large push buttons

50×50 mm call buttons

Inclinded lift control panel

cabin controls

Two horizontal control panels

double control panels

Inclined lift controls

CONTROL panel compliant with EN 81-70

The robust horizontal control panel in stainless steel is available as a single unit for the machinery side (on side D), or as a double unit (on both side D and B). When the Cibes C1 Pure is delivered with a horizontal control panel, the service panel is always delivered in stainless steel to match.

EN 81-70 compliant cabin lift controls

Push buttons compliant with EN 81-70

The horizontal control panel is equipped with 50×50 mm tactile push buttons equipped with back light and Braille, while the 50×50 mm call buttons are tactile and equipped with backlight. The call buttons are available with face plate in any RAL or premium colour as an option.

Cibes cabin lits


Mirror solution for cabin lift


Mirror wall for cabin lift

MIRROR wall side a/c


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