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Lift modernisation


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why should i modernise my lift?

Over time materials get worn, lift standards change and design trends evolve. Lift modernisation extends the life cycle of your lift by ensuring that everything is updated to the latest lift standards. It also offers you the possibility to upgrade your lift with new exciting features, or a new and fresh design.

Lift modernisation by Cibes

Touchscreen call button

Lift modernisation by Cibes

fire drive

Lift modernisation by Cibes

upgrade to cibes air

Lift modernisation by Cibes

 floor indicators

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Sanitising your home lift

the cibes air upgrade kit

The Cibes Air home lift has an exquisitely elegant design, offering you a unique user experience where form and function work together to guide your senses. Thanks to its combination of timeless Scandinavian design, intuitive function and natural materials, the Cibes Air platform design blends in seamlessly with your home and lifestyle.

Retrofit kit for platform lift


Retrofit kit for platform lift


Retrofit kit for platform lift


classic upgrade kits

Modernising just a few elements of your lift will often go a long way. Regardless of whether you want to update components to comply with the latest lift standards, or just want to spruce up your lift, our Classic Upgrade Kits offer you many solutions to extend the life cycle of your lift. Below we have listed a few suggestions and ideas, for more information, download our Upgrade Brochure.

What upgrades are available for my lift?

Looking through our Upgrade Brochure, you will notice that different options for lift modernisation are available, depending on the manufacturing year of your lift. So how do you know when your lift was manufactured? For lifts manufactured before or after 2017, there is an easy trick (see below)! If you are unsure, just send us the serial number displayed on the lift control panel, and we will advise you.

Call buttons

lifts manufactured before 2017 (2006 – 2017)

Lifts manufactured in 2006-2017 have a different control system than the lifts that we make today. The easiest way to recognise a lift from this manufacturing period, is to check if the call buttons on the doors have the above characteristic design.

Call buttons for CiCon lifts

lifts manufactured in 2017 or later

In 2017, we switched to our new CiCon control system, but some lifts from that year were manufactured before CiCon was implemented. The easiest way to identify a CiCon lift is to check if it has the small, sleek call buttons shown above, or call buttons with touchscreen.

Lift solutions BY CIBES

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