the key to lift safety

lift maintenance

Your lift needs regular checks and maintenance to make sure that it runs properly and is safe for everyone to use. In addition, regular lift maintenance is a condition for our warranty.

how often does your lift need maintenance?

How often your lift needs maintenance depends on many factors. For example, a lift which is used many times a day will need to be serviced more regularly than a lift which is rarely used. An outdoor lift will also need to be cleaned and maintained more often than an indoor lift. For general information about your national regulations for maintenance, please visit the EPSA website (European Platform and Stairlifts Association). For advice on your specific needs, we advise you to talk to your local Cibes dealer.

Easy lift maintenance

Your Cibes dealer will:

  • Offer you a maintenance contract adapted to your needs.
  • Schedule and keep track of your maintenance visits.
  • Be your main contact for service & technical support.
Service and maintenance


We always advise you to sign a maintenance contract with a certified Cibes dealer. Our dealers have the proper technical training and are specialists on our kind of lift technology.


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Cibes lift technician
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