Home lift price: How much does a home lift cost?

Do you know what the price of a home lift is? Many people believe that a lift for your home is an expensive and unnecessary luxury feature. However, a lift offers great everyday comfort to you and your family and future-proofs your home for your golden years. In so many ways, a residential lift is a smart investment and you have the power to influnce the price level a great deal in your design choices.

With the introduction of an increasing number of home lift products on the market, home lift prices have become much more affordable. Home lift prices can vary considerably, depending on the type of the home lift and the lift company you choose as well as on what services are included in your offer. So always make sure that you compare equivalent lift products and offers before making your decision. For example, a stairlift will have a lower price point than a platform lift, but the two lift types are too different for an direct comparison.

The price of a lift will also vary greatly depending on your requirements and specification. Cibes offers a wide range of products, from affordable wheelchair-friendly lifts for those who need them most, to very luxurious, customisable home lifts.

Home lift cost

So, how much does a home lift cost?  The short answer is that it depends on your choice of lift model, specification and installation environment. To be able to give a realistic price, we will therefore always ask you some questions first.

  • How much space do you need inside the lift? Does the lift need to accommodate a wheelchair?
  • How many floors does it needs to serve?
  • What is the total travel of the lift?
  • How much room do you have for the lift (w x d, each floor)?
  • Do you want additional options, such as automatic door openers or customised colours?

To give you a rough idea of the price span, a lift serving 2 floors may cost anything from 20 000 € – 40 000 €. Cibes lift solutions are less expensive than most other lifts on the market, thanks to the comparatively low lift installation costs. In addition, our screw-driven lifts require less maintenance than hydraulic or belt-driven lifts.

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Additional home elevator costs

When buying a home elevator, you should not only consider the cost of the lift and its installation, but also additional costs such as construction changes, energy costs and maintenance costs.

Construction cost

In addition to the cost of purchasing the lift, you should also consider the cost of structural modifications of your home. A Cibes lift does not require a lift pit, external machine room or top machinery. This minimises the need for structural changes and saves a lot of time and money.

Some Cibes dealers will include the preparations and building work related to the lift installation in their quotation. Others may include only the lift installation and quote the surrounding building work separately. Ask your local Cibes dealer what is included in your offer.

Energy cost

Our home lifts are very energy-efficient and have energy label A when equipped with the EcoSilent drive system. All of our platform lift models, regardless of drive system, have energy label A in stand-by mode. The amount of energy your lift consumes of course also depends on how often the it is used. The more frequently you use your lift, the higher the energy costs.

For example, a home lift with 2 stops, and a 3.6 m travel, used 20 times a day consumes about 481 kWh/year with our standard drive system. However, if equipped with the EcoSilent drive, your residential lift will only consume about 215 kWh/year.

Lift delivery cost

The delivery cost of a lift can be quite expensive, so it is important to investigate whether the transport and delivery of your lift are included in the offer or not.

All Cibes lift models are delivered in ready-made elements, in managable size packages that are packed in a very space-efficient way. This not only minimises the space needed to transport your lift in the truck, but reduces the transport cost and environmental impact of the lift delivery. Cibes lift quotations include delivery costs. When comparing offers between Cibes and other lift manufacturers, you should always check if the delivery costs are included or not.

Maintenance cost

One of our main advantages is that our lifts are very low maintenance and do not require maintenance as frequently as traditional traction or hydraulic lifts, for example. Maintaining your lift properly ensures the quality and safety of your lift. In addition, correct and adapted maintenance will extend the life span of your lift.

How often your lift needs maintenance depends on a number of factors, such as how frequently the lift is used and whether it is installed indoors or outdoors. Ask you local Cibes dealer about what different maintenance contracts they offer and they will help you find a maintenance solution adapted to your needs.

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