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Wheelchair users encounter challenges and obstacles every day. We deliver accessibility solutions that really make a difference.

Accessibility is a human right

According to the United Nations, accessibility is a human right. Their vision is a world where persons with disabilities have access to all kinds of environments and aspects of life. We believe that our range of wheelchair lifts can help that vision come true.

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finding the right wheelchair lift

Identifying your needs and deciding what kind of lift you want are the first steps to finding the right wheelchair lift. Below, we have shortlisted some of the most important points you need to consider.

Measure your wheelchair to get the right size for your wheelchair lift.

how big is your wheelchair?

Most manual wheelchairs are 700-800 mm wide and 1100-1200 mm long, but you should always measure. Measure the width (including wheels) and length (including footrest).

Wide choice of wheelchair lifts

what kind of lift do you want?

If you need a lift for 2-6 floors, a vertical platform lift or a cabin lift is a great choice that will also increase your real estate value. For a small staircase, an open-style step lift like a B lift may be the best option.

Wheelchair lifts in different sizes

what lift size do you need?

The right lift size is the size that will fit your wheelchair and needs. For home lifts we recommend a platform size of at least 1000×1267 mm (wxd), for public access lifts 1000×1467 mm is a better size for the lift platform.

Wheelchair Lifts Sizes And Access Configurations

where do you want the doors?

Doors can be placed on the same side of the shaft, on opposite sides or at a 90° angle. For home lifts, we recommend a door clear opening width of 800 mm and for public lifts, 900 mm.

The space at every landing of your lift should be big enough to turn in a wheelchair

how much space do you need?

In front of every door of the lift, you need to have a free floor space of at least 1500 x 1500 mm. The best solution is to measure the space you need to turn your wheelchair.

Wheelchair lift options and accessories

what options do you want?

Power door openers and remote elbow buttons make calling and accessing the lift much easier. Voice announcement, level indicators or a lap-held remote control are other useful safety features and upgrades we can offer.

WHY CHOOSE A wheelchair lift BY CIBES?

We make high-quality, ready-made lifts that can be installed without extensive building work. Our wheelchair access lifts will adapt to your building and needs, not the other way around.


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