THE Cibes Air®HOME lift

The Cibes Air home lift combines timeless Scandinavian design, intuitive function and natural materials to blend in seamlessly with your home and lifestyle.

  • Timeless elegance
  • Intuitive function
  • Innovative design

intuitive design THE Cibes Air®HOME lift

The Cibes Air home lift has an exquisitely elegant design, offering you a unique user experience where form and function work together to guide your senses.

HOME LIFT CIBES A1 AIR® (300/400/500 KG)

The lift is delivered in ready-made modules with everything you need for installation.

The handrail of the Cibes A1 Air has a unique, intuitive design, which makes use of your natural instinct to lean on the handrail. Just lean on the destination button to travel and relieve pressure to stop.

Unlike most other lifts, Cibes Air has no machinery above or beneath the lift and can be installed with minimal refurbishment.

Our space-saving lift concept in ready-made modules can be installed in just a few days and requires next to no building adaptation, compared to conventional lifts.

THE Cibes Air® home lift

great design freedom

The great choice of colours and materials makes it easy to tailor the design of the Cibes Air home lift to your taste and unique sense of style.

  • Design with wood, fabric and metal
  • Close to 300 different colours
  • Lift shaft with panoramic glazing

Space-saving lift solution THE Cibes Air® home lift

SPACE-SAVING home lift

The Cibes Air is a space-saving, modular home lift solution, which is much faster and easier to install than a conventional lift.

  • Available in 11 platform sizes
  • Reduced work & building costs
  • Minimal interruption of your daily life

A tree’s wood is also its memoir.
– Anne Hope Jahren

People crave the visual and tactile richness of fabrics.

– Suzanne Tick

Simplicity is the soul of modern elegance.
– Bill Blass


The back panel of the platform is available in 3 different materials to enable you to compose a lift design, which is perfect for the atmosphere and decorative style of your home. Choose between warm wood, soft textile or sleek metal.

Intuitive lift design

From the innovative handrail and safety functions, to the elegant lift display and LED light effects, the Cibes Air has been designed with the user in mind.

Innovative lift controls

Ergonomic handrail

The unique design of the Cibes Air includes destination buttons, which are integrated with the handrail. Simply lean on the handrail to travel.

Emergency stop

Elegant safety functions

The discreet and elegant design of the red emergency stop and yellow alarm button is another unique feature, created exclusively by and for Cibes.

Innovative LED light

Innovative lighting

The LED lights of the front panel and floor safety edges offer you the possibility to add some really cool looking light effects to your home lift.

integrated lift display

The lift display has a 7” screen with large floor indicator, covered with semi transparent mirror glass to create an elegant and futuristic effect.

  • Choose between a wide range of floor designations
  • Characters are available in luminiscent green or white
  • The characters move up and down as the lift travels


Your Cibes Air domestic lift is a blank canvas. The great choice of different colours and materials of the Cibes Air, makes it easy to create a lift design which is perfectly in tune with the unique character of your home and the needs of your family.

Residential lift Cibes Air

GLAZED shaft

Domestic lift with steel shaft

Steel shaft

Residential lift in loft apartment

Panoramic doors


For your lift floor, the Cibes Air offers you the choice between 10 elegant safety floors or the possibility to fit your own wood floor or tiles.* Fitting your own floor is a great way to personalise your lift, especially if you want the lift floor to match the other floors of your home.

Fit your own wood floor

fit your own wood floor

Durable lift safety floors

choose a safety floor

Herringbone tiles

fit your own tiles

Luxury mountain residence

Match your hardwood floor

Home elevator in Parisian apartment

Match your parquet flooring

Safety floors by Altro and Forbo

elegant & DURABLE safety floors

*Tiles /wood floor with a maximum thickness of 20 mm. With this option, the lift requires a 70 mm pit.


Cibes Colour Guide.pdf
Cibes silent lift
CIBES EcoSilent.pdf
Lift dimensions
C5 1100X1700 Shaftless Doors AC.pdf
Lift dimensions
C5 1100X1700 Shaftless Doors A.pdf
Lift dimensions
C4 1100X1400 Steel Shaft Doors AC.pdf
Lift dimensions
C4 1100X1400 Steel Shaft Doors A.pdf
Lift dimensions
C4 1100X1400 Shaftless Doors AC.pdf
Lift dimensions
C4 1100X1400 Shaftless Doors A.pdf
Lift dimensions
C3 1100X1200 GLASS Doors AC.pdf

building your forever home

Regardless of who you are and where you live in the world, you want your home to be a beautiful and special place for everyone you love. You have created your colour palette, selected your furniture and and found the perfect place for your art work. So why not offer yourself and your loved ones the luxury of a home lift?

future proof your home

Building your forever home takes a lot more than beautiful pieces of art and furniture. Your forever home should be a cosy and welcoming place for your family and friends right now, but also ensure your comfort well into the future.

  • Doors and passages should be at least 900 mm wide
  • Make sure to install a walk-in shower, not just a bath tub
  • Install a home lift to access all floors

Add value to your home

Once you have a home lift, it will be hard to imagine life without it. Accessing all the floors of your home by the simple push of a button is an everyday luxury which most people will enjoy and get used to pretty quickly.

  • A home lift facilitates your everyday chores
  • It makes your home accessible to everyone your love
  • A home lift adds significant property value

 Ce marked

Our lifts are certified by the notified body Liftinstituut B.V. and carry the CE mark.


Cibes Lift was founded in 1947. Our lifts are engineered and manufactured in Sweden.

Safe and easy to use

Our lifts meet the requirements of European safety standards and are safe and easy to use.

What is your style?

Regardless of whether you live in a city apartment, a townhouse or a detached villa, it is easy to adapt the design of home lift Cibes Air to suit your taste and requirements. Every home has its unique character and soul, created by the people who live there. So what is your style?

Duplex apartments
Scandinavian style home
Modern home in Melbourne
Family elevator
New York buildings
Residential lift in penthouse apartment
White pentouse apartment
Parisian apartments
Home elevator in Parisian apartment
Mid century home
Cibes Air residential lift
Modern beach house
Platform lift for beach living

The product information on this website is general, and we reserve the right to modify product design and specifications. All images of lifts and samples are displayed for inspirational purposes only and deviations in colour reproduction may occur. For critical colour matches, physical painted colour samples are recommended. © CIBES LIFT GROUP AB

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