Cibes S7 Stairlift

CIBES s7 straight stairlift

The Cibes S7 straight Stairlift is designed for straight staircases and is built bespoke to the width and length of your staircase. Suitable for domestic and commercial properties, the S7 Stairlift can be installed as an indoor or outdoor wheelchair lift.

Cibes S7 Stairlift

Straight Wheelchair stairlift

The Cibes S7 Straight Stairlift is equipped with a jamming sensor as well as safety arms and flaps on the front and rear edge of the platform. When the is not in use, the barriers, flaps and platform are neatly folded away electronically.

CIBES S7 Stairlift (225/300 KG)

The lift is built to your own staircase dimensions, making installation simple with no major alterations.

• Over-speed governor and brake.
• Limit switch
• Weight sensor
• Manual emergency raising of platform arms
• Manual release mechanism
• Pressure-sensitive surfaces that stop the lift when sensing an obstacle

The lift has fantastic space-saving features, folding away neatly when not in use and opening automatically on command as required.

Our made-to-order stairlifts can be installed in just a matter of days, with minimal disruption. Electric supply: 1 phase 230 V, 10 A.

Cibes S7 Stairlift for commercial use

Side and rear access

The straight wheelchair stairlift can be built with different platform sizes as well as rear and side access depending on your unique needs.

Cibes Wheelchair Stair LiftSpace-efficient straight stairlift

The S7’s barriers, flaps and platform can be folded up and down electronically as and when you require wheelchair access, allowing you to make the most of the space when the lift isn’t in use.

 Ce marked

Our lifts are type certified by a notified body and are allowed to carry the CE mark.


Cibes Lift was founded in 1947. Our lifts are engineered and manufactured in Sweden.

Safe and easy to use

Each wheelchair platform lift meets the requirements of European safety standards and is safe and easy to use.


Don’t you have enough room inside your house or think that other home lift solutions are too expensive? Think again. A screw-driven platform lift doesn’t require more than the space of a normal wardrobe (1m2). If you still can’t find the space inside your home, installing an outdoor lift is a great option that gives you direct access to your garden. Vertical home lift solutions may come at a slightly higher price but will increase the real estate value of your home.

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