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brand new Cibes outdoor lift

Our brand-new outdoor lift concept probably is the most complete and weather-resistant concept on the market.

  • Weather-proof concept
  • Space-saving design
  • Smart outdoor features
Outdoor lift by Cibes

expand your living space with a Cibes outdoor lift

Our weather resistant outdoor lifts offer comfortable access to all floors and create a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor areas, that will make your interior feel more spacious.


The lift is delivered in prefabricated modules with everything you need for installation, including a ready-made lift shaft in steel or glass.

Our standard outdoor equipment ensures that our lifts are weather resistant:

  • Anti-corrosive treatment of bottom frame and platform
  • Flood protected electrical compartment
  • Aluminium doors and weather resistant call buttons
  • Outdoor roof and door canopies

Cibes outdoor lifts have minimal structural impact on your building and the passenger platform constitutes 70% of the total footprint of the lift. A great use of space!

Our ready-made lift concept speeds up the installation and minimises the impact on your building.

Weather resistant outdoor lift

elegant door canopies

The elegant door canopies in plexiglass blend in with any building and offer comfortable  protection from rain and snow.

Fan heater and heating pads outdoor lift

smart Heating solutions

To protect lift electronics at low temperatures, we offer heating pads for the door looks and a fan heater for the machine room.

Weather proof concept outdoor lift

no visible rivets

We have created unique corner profile covers to ensure that no rivets are visible on the inside of the lift shaft.

Perfect temperature control outdoor lift

A/C ready outdoor lifts

To offer you perfect temperature control, Cibes outdoor lifts are available A/C ready as an option.

Space-efficient outdoor concept outdoor lift


If you want to maximise the usable space inside your building, installing a space-saving outdoor lift by Cibes is a great choice.

  • Low top height and pit
  • Built-in machine room (MRL)
  • Minimal footprint

Modular lift concept outdoor lift


All lift solutions by Cibes are delivered in ready-made modules to ensure a fast delivery and a smooth and easy installation.

  • Fast track manufacturing & delivery
  • Installation in just a few days
  • Reduced labour costs
Platform lift installed outdoors
Platform lift solution
Platform lift wit outdoor equipment
White home lift

 Ce marked

Our lifts are certified by the notified body Liftinstituut B.V. and carry the CE mark.


Cibes Lift was founded in 1947. Our lifts are engineered and manufactured in Sweden.

Safe and easy to use

Our lifts meet the requirements of European safety standards and are safe and easy to use.


The inclination and fixing points of the outdoor roof are adaptable.


The outdoor canopies protect the doors from snow and rain.


The bottom frame and platform are treated to withstand corrosion.



The outdoor concept is available for platform sizes 1000×1467 and 1100×1467 mm and ensures that your lift is weather resistant.

  • Slanted outdoor roof, protecting the lift from rain and snow.
  • Door canopies in plexiglas or steel.
  • Elegant, rust proof aluminium doors.
  • Sealed, weather resistant call buttons.
  • Sealed glazed shaft panels.
  • Bottom frame with anti corrosive coating.
  • Flood protected electrical compartment.

Our outdoor lifts are designed to function within a temperature span of approximately -10° to +30° Celsius. For more extreme climates, we offer additional options and solutions for temperature control.

outdoor equipment

Outdoor lift roof

outdoor roof

The roof is designed to handle rain and snow (3kN/m², snow zone 3). The slope of the roof can be configured in 3 directions.

Aluminium doors for outdoor lifts

aluminium doors

Aluminium door AL5 (to the left) is standard for outdoor lifts, the fully glazed AL6 (to the right) is available as an option.

Canopy protecting the doors

canopy in plexiglas

The canopy in plexiglas looks light and elegant and shelters you from rain and light snow at entrance and exit.

Canopy protecting the doors

canopy in steel

The steel canopy is very sturdy and offers you reliable protection against rain and snow at entrance and exit.

Weather resistant call buttons

weather resistant call buttons

The push button in stainless steel is class IP55 and the aluminium faceplate is sealed to resist rain and humidity.

Cover for the rivets inside the shaft

immaculate finish

No rivets are visible on the inside the shaft. The corner profile includes a cover to hide all rivets, for an immaculate finish.

Glass panels for outdoor lifts

sealed glass panels

The glass panels of the lift shaft are equipped with a rubber seal to prevent water infiltration and reduce condensation.

solutions for Rain & Snow

solutions for temperature control

STYLE the LIFT to your building

The flexible design of Cibes outdoor lifts is easy to adapt to different applications and architectural styles. You just decide what you want your lift to look like and we make sure that you get a lift with the options and accessories to suit your needs.

enjoy outdoor living

For years now, we have continued to expand our living space with decks and patios, making the most of outdoor living. Installing an outdoor lift provides easy access to your garden and helps you create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor living areas.

Outdoor lift with panoramic view

make the most of YOUR VIEWS

The lift shaft of our outdoor lifts is available with panoramic glazing so that you can make the most of your beautiful views.

Enjoy outdoor living

your outdoor living room

An outdoor lift offers direct access to your garden and enables you and your family to enjoy outdoor living even more!

Outdoor lift

preserve the space inside

Installing an outdoor lift is a great solution to provide easy access to all floors and preserve the space inside your home.


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Cibes outdoor lift concept
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Lift dimensions
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Lift dimensions
A5000 1100×1467 Forces EN.pdf
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