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Cibes B3000

Open Style Lift

Cibes B3000 is an open style platform lift for low to medium rises that does not require a lift shaft. Making it especially great for outdoor installation and can also be used indoors. This also great for fuss-free installation, due to the fact there is no lift shaft. It can sometimes even be installed in one day.

BLift Freestanding

The Cibes B3000 Open Style Platform Lift is an open platform product, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The lack of the lift shaft doesn’t make it any less safe or secure, which is why we provide warranties between 2-5 years.

The B3000 can travel up to three metres without the need of a lift shaft, making it the perfect solution for use within public or commercial buildings where an access solution is needed for a low to medium rise.

B3000 (385 KG)

Take advantage of our 2-5 Years Warranty with the B3000 open style platform lift. Have peace of mind for years to come, it comes as standard.

Like all our platform lifts, the Cibes B3000 can be installed without any major construction work, and in most cases, the model can be up and running within the day. This is great for busy offices or areas that have a lot of footfall as there will be no major disruptions.

Our B3000 lift can be adapted to any architectural style. Making it a versatile option that can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.

Only 1-day installation. We can install this open style lift in as quick as the same day. Meaning no disruptions.

 Quick Installation

Installation for the Cibes B3000 lift only takes 1 day. Meaning you don’t have to wait days or weeks for it to be fitted. Great for places with high footfall.


Adapted & configured to blend in with any architectural style. It works in both outdoors and indoor locations, giving full flexibility.

Guaranteed Quality

Our B3000 lift comes with 2-5 Years Warranty as standard. Giving you peace of mind for years to come.


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