A8000 Stretcher Lift

Cibes A8000 Stretcher Lift

The Cibes A8000 Stretcher Lift is our largest and most powerful platform lift.

A8000 Stretcher Lift by Cibes

Looking for a lift that can carry both people and heavy loads? Our largest and most powerful platform lift, the Cibes A8000 makes the ideal lift solution for the transportation of heavier loads.

The A8000 is capable of lifting 1000kg, and is also certified to carry passengers so you can ride in the lift alongside the load.

The lift is delivered ready to install with a prefabricated lift shaft. This means no major construction work is required to create a lift shaft.

This is due to their ingenious construction, requiring only one strong supporting wall to fix the guide rails and a pit depth of only 130 mm. Thanks to the low pit and the low headroom (2250mm) of this lift, no major structural adaptation is necessary. This not only cuts down the installation time, but also cuts down on the expense in comparison to the costs of installing a conventional lift.

Made and fitted by our team of highly trained experts, the A8000 can be up and running in a matter of days. Making it the ideal solution for showrooms, funeral homes and hospitals.



Lifts to meet your specific needs

A stand out feature of our products is that they are fully customisable, designed by you to blend perfectly into their surroundings. For a business or organisation, the appearance of the lift is vital, which is why we have a variety of RAL colours to choose.

For a unique, modern design, Cibes Lift UK can also create a three-sided glass lift shaft structure.

A fully glazed platform lift looks elegant and makes the most of any natural light. This makes it an excellent choice for the stretcher use and the transportation of good, as the contents inside of the lift is always visible.

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