Disabled lift in Cercedilla train station, Spain

Platform Lifts for train stations

When travelling from one place to another, people should not have to worry about how they’re going to get there. Platform lifts for train stations take the stress away from passengers as they know they’ll be able to get on the train with ease. These lifts allow those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility to have the same freedom as those who are fully mobile. When it comes to making structural changes to your train station, be sure to get a platform lift from Cibes Lift UK if you want to make your station accessible to everyone.


In the UK, there are more than 10 million people who live with a disability. If you don’t have a platform lift at your station, it may mean that passengers are unable to travel where they need to get to. Whether they need to change trains at your station or yours is their desired destination, it is unfair if they have to make additional arrangements. An accessible train station makes sense from a user’s perspective as well as a business point of view. Platform lifts for train stations don’t need to be big, fancy or cost a fortune, they simply need to be safe and practical.

Get Your Platform Lift with Cibes Lift UK

To make lives easier for everyone, Cibes Lift UK are committed to offering first-class access solutions. If you need to improve the access at your train station, then we can provide you with a platform lift that does just that. We’re market leaders and are proud of how our platform lifts operate, so there’s no wonder more than 40,000 of them have been supplied on a worldwide basis. Section 71B of the Railways Act 1993, which is the ‘code of practice for protection of interests of rail users who are disabled’, states that the interests of users of railway passenger services or station services who are disabled should be protected. Get in touch with our team to make sure you’re doing everything in your power to comply with these standards.

Our Range of Platform Lifts for TRAIN STATIONS

Discover the platform lifts that Cibes Lift UK provide for train stations below. Having one makes things easier for your visitors as well as staff, so the investment will be worth it. All Cibes lift models carry the CE mark and go through extensive testing and quality checks, giving you peace of mind.

A5000 Platform Lift

When it comes to finding a platform lift for your train station, there’s one model that stands out from the rest. The A5000 platform lift is a smart and adaptable lift solution that suits an assortment of public and commercial buildings. It comes with 5-year lift motor and gearbox warranty, making it one of the most reliable products on the market. Our lifts are Certified products that comply with European quality standards, so you can trust that our platform lifts will be safe, reliable and practical.

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No matter your requirements, choosing to get your platform lift from Cibes means that you will get personal and professional advice for your specific situation. Before you make any decisions, our expert team of lift specialists are on hand to help you make the best choice.

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All of our platform lifts for homes are manufactured in Sweden. Despite this, fast delivery and installation are guaranteed. We generally say it takes about 4-8 weeks and we will deliver direct to your property.



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What we pride ourselves on most is the high level of service provided by all of our certified Cibes dealers. Our dealers have been carefully selected and trained to provide you with the best possible support.

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