Homelift A4000

Platform Lifts for Homes

Looking for a super stylish way to make your home more accessible? If you find it difficult to travel up and down the stairs but don’t want to give up the luxury of having varying levels in a property, the good news is that you don’t have to. Platform lifts for homes are an ideal way of upgrading your property, allowing yourself to roam freely within your own house. More and more property owners are looking at platform lifts for their home. Not only are they future proof, but they’re a sophisticated extra that makes lives easier.

Why Invest in a Platform Lift for Your Home

Everyone wants their house to feel like a home. And if you’re constrained to the ground level because of access issues, then you may start to feel like you’re stuck. Thanks to the rise in popularity of platform lifts for homes and their reasonable costs, you may begin to start thinking that it’s time to make the investment. If you want to find out more about how a platform lift can work wonders for your life, get in touch with our dedicated team of experts today. We’re more than happy to be of assistance and help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

Get Your Platform Lift with Cibes Lift UK

Treat yourself to a platform lift when you want to improve your home life. As well as being able to enhance the interior aesthetics of your property, a home lift has the ability to transform your everyday life for the better. Thanks to our energy-efficient electrical control system there are low running costs with all of our platform lifts. Plus, no pit is required and a minimum amount of headroom at the upper landing is needed. Our prices include installation, which is usually complete in 2/3 days and minimum builder’s work is needed. If you’re thinking about getting a platform lift for your home, below are five reasons why you should.

Our Range of Platform Lifts for Homes

With a simple push of a button, you’re able to travel to the different levels in your home with ease. A home lift from Cibes Lift UK is an innovative way for you to add some convenience into your life. Prefabricated and flexible, Cibes’ platform lifts for homes are compact and timeless solutions that can be adapted to meet your requirements.

Compact home lifts

A4000 Home Lift

Though it may look small on the outside, the A4000 home lift is incredibly spacious. Depending on how much room you have to work with, there are four platform sizes to choose from, so you can rest assured knowing there’ll be something to fit your home. It has the ability to safely transport three people or a wheelchair user between levels (300kg) and can travel between two and six floors. So, no matter the size of your home, the A4000 is an ideal choice.

home lift opening into lounge

A6000 Cabin Lift

The Cibes A6000 combines the advantages of platform lift technology with the comfort of a fully enclosed cabin. Discreet and elegant, it will blend perfectly with your home’s interior. Plus, this model comes with its own prefabricated lift shaft, meaning that only one strong supporting wall is required for installation.

Step 1

No matter your requirements, choosing to get your platform lift from Cibes means that you will get personal and professional advice for your specific situation. Before you make any decisions, our expert team of lift specialists are on hand to help you make the best choice.

Step 2

All of our platform lifts for homes are manufactured in Sweden. Despite this, fast delivery and installation are guaranteed. We generally say it takes about 4-8 weeks and we will deliver direct to your home.



Step 3

What we pride ourselves on most is the high level of service provided by all of our certified Cibes dealers. Our dealers have been carefully selected and trained to provide you with the best possible support.

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