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Platform Lifts for education

A platform lift is a legal requirement in a school, college or university if the building has multiple floors. When it comes to education, giving all students the same amount of access is important. Platform lifts for education provide establishments with the ability to welcome everyone. There are a vast number of schools, colleges and universities who trust Cibes Lift UK to provide them with a reliable and suitable lift solution.

Why Invest in a Platform Lift for your school, college or university

Under the Disability Discrimination Act and the Disability Right in Education Act, the law states that owners, controllers and managers of schools, colleges and universities are required to provide suitable access. So, not only is having a platform lift in your educational premises a legal requirement, but you’ll be providing your pupils, employees and visitors with the same rights to education – no matter their physical or mental impairments. Designed with safety in mind, you can rest assured knowing that students and staff are kept safe at all times.

Get Your Educational Platform Lift with Cibes Lift UK

Cibes Lift UK are experts in providing platform lifts, so finding one to suit your school, college or university won’t be an issue. Platform lifts link all floors together, so if you have classrooms in tall buildings, you give pupils the ability to access education and enable staff the freedom to teach no matter what. If you’re in need of a solution to your access dilemmas, do not hesitate to get in touch with the specialists here at Cibes Lift UK. We’re on hand to help you find the right platform lift for your educational establishment.

Our Range of Platform Lifts for education

No matter your educational establishment, a platform lift is a great way to provide access to everyone. Check out our range of platform lifts suitable for use in schools, colleges and universities below.

Platform lift in office block

A5000 Platform Lift

The A5000 platform lift by Cibes is a smart and adaptable lift solution that comes with an impressive 5-year lift motor and gearbox warranty. Thanks to this, you can be sure that it’ll be able to withstand regular use for years to come following installation. With eight different platform sizes to choose from and the ability to carry a load of up to 4-5 people (400-500kg), the A5000 model is designed to fit seamlessly into both new and existing buildings.

Outdoor wheelchair lift

B3000 Open-Style Lift

The Cibes B3000 open-style platform lift is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. It can travel up to three metres without the need of a lift shaft, making it the perfect solution for use in any school, college or university. What’s more, as it can be adapted to suit any architectural style, the B3000 is versatile as well as functional.

Step 1

No matter your requirements, choosing to get your platform lift from Cibes means that you will get personal and professional advice for your specific situation. Before you make any decisions, our expert team of lift specialists are on hand to help you make the best choice.

Step 2

All of our platform lifts for educational establishments are manufactured in Sweden. Despite this, fast delivery and installation are guaranteed. We generally say it takes about 4-8 weeks and we will deliver direct to your school, college or university.



Step 3

What we pride ourselves on most is the high level of service provided by all of our certified Cibes dealers. Our dealers have been carefully selected and trained to provide you with the best possible support.

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