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Zen bedroom ideas for a relaxing home


We are all in search of a more peaceful home and our bedrooms play a major role in achieving this. Bedrooms should be a place of relaxation, an escape from stress, a room to unwind and rest at the end of the day. Too often, however, bedrooms are just an extension of the living room, office, or even the dining room. With mess, clutter, technology, and work encroaching into our bedrooms, many are looking at ways to create a haven of calm to enjoy. Convenience plays a part in this, researching house lift costs could mean the stairs are no longer a barrier between you and your bedroom, but in this article, we highlight a number of further zen bedroom ideas to help you create a more relaxing home.

Utilise storage for a tidy space

You will never be able to relax or truly obtain a zen bedroom if as soon as you walk in you are confronted with mess and disorganisation. Keeping things tidy will mean that your room provides a respite from chores and that when its time for bed, you don’t have to think about tidying up. So, make sure that you utilise plenty of storage space, implementing spacious walk-in closets, chests of drawers, and having a spacious laundry hamper on hand. Taking this approach will also reduce the stress of not being able to find items of clothing in the morning as everything will have its place in your bedroom.

Don’t let your bedroom become too cluttered

Related to having an organised and tidy bedroom, getting on top of clutter is also a factor, as being overwhelmed with unnecessary things can become overbearing and unhelpful for a peaceful frame of mind. Regarding clutter, Christine, from the lifestyle blog The Fabulous Times, knows what an issue this can cause for obtaining a peaceful bedroom. She told us: “Creating a zen bedroom means taking a holistic view of the space. First of all, be conscious of the amount of clutter you have in your bedroom, clutter is not conducive with relaxation.”

Find the perfect bed

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Clearly, if you currently have a bed that isn’t comfortable, your bedroom is not going to encourage feelings of relaxation and zen. A bed that you don’t enjoy climbing into will make bedtimes a far less attractive prospect, after all, bedrooms are for sleeping so you should be able to look forward to a quality night’s rest. So, going on the hunt for the perfect bed for you is certainly one of the first things you should look into when creating your zen bedroom. Mattresses can even be adjusted to your particular body for added comfort. Further still, just having a bed frame that you find appealing will make a big difference to the way you perceive your bedroom.

Focus on colour and comfort

If you truly want to relax in your bedroom, being comfortable and cosy is key. This can be achieved through kitting out your room with soft rugs, blankets, and cushions. The colour of your room should also be considered and combining these two approaches is something that Christine from The Fabulous Times suggested when talking to us:

“I’d say that colour and texture are important, choose a calming colour and natural, soft furnishings like organic cotton bed sheets. A calming colour will help you to relax and the cotton will feel soft against your skin. For paint, choose one with low VOC’s so that you’re not breathing harmful chemicals in as you sleep.”

Have a seating area

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If you are making your bedroom a true place of retreat, a spot in your home where you can escape to for a little ‘me’ time, it’s a good idea to set up a small seating area, even just one comfortable armchair where you can plonk yourself down, read, or just be alone with your thoughts at the end of the day. Abby Lawson, a lifestyle and decorating blogger, says this is an option she went for when creating her own perfect bedroom: “I think that bringing in a cushy chair, pillow, and throw adds to the cosey feel of the space. It’s also nice to have a spot to sit to put on our shoes, read, or just hang out and chat.”

Bring a calming scent to your bedroom

The power of smell plays a big role in being able to relax as scent can have a calming influence on our minds, helping to make sleep easier. Bringing a pleasant aroma to your bedroom is another top tip from Christine of The Fabulous Times: “You also want to factor in scent, try getting a small cloth bag filled with lavender and hang it from your bed frame, the smell will help you to drift off, alternatively try a natural pillow mist.” Further still, says that “any fragrance that makes you happy can promote sleep” due to your brain’s emotional centre, so finding the right scent for your room could be a big help.

Make your bedroom a respite from technology

Our lives are inundated with technology, the screen time we rack up is not conducive to a healthy life and using gadgets like phones, laptops, and TVs before bed can have negative effects on sleep quality. Therefore, you will want to make your room an escape from technology, as Christine of The Fabulous Times explains: “Be conscious of having technology in your space, this will change the energy of the room and ultimately make you feel wired. Keep your bedroom as your calm sanctuary, where you go to get away from the noise and chaos of the outside world.”

Implement relaxing lighting

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Bright and harsh overhead lights do not provide for the most relaxing ambience so it would be far better to change your bulbs for one that emits a softer glow. It might also be a good idea to install dimmer switches in your bedroom for even more control depending on your mood. Staying away from a big light overhead is a good idea, however, instead opting for smaller, gentler lamps and lights dotted around the bedroom. This will create a far more inviting and relaxing atmosphere for you to enjoy when getting ready for bed or reading at the end of the day.

Keep work out of the bedroom

One sure way to make your bedroom a place of stress and anxiety is to bring your work in with you. Too many of us don’t leave work at the office and with so many of us now working from home, it can be easy to just keep emailing and working even in our bedrooms. This is not the way to create a zen bedroom, however, as any feelings of peace you have so far cultivated will be ruined by the tension you have brought with you. This tip involves no expenditure, no purchases, it’s simple, leave work for the home office or your place of work. Make a rule that your bedroom will be a retreat from the stresses of the day, not just a more comfortable place to do business.

Tips for creating a relaxing zen bedroom

  • Utilise storage for a tidy space
  • Don’t let your bedroom become too cluttered
  • Find the perfect bed
  • Focus on colour and comfort
  • Have a seating area
  • Bring a calming scent to your bedroom
  • Make your bedroom a respite from technology
  • Implement relaxing lighting
  • Keep work out of the bedroom

For those in search of a relaxing bedroom transformation, hopefully, the above tips and ideas will get you moving in the right direction. By making a few small changes and transforming the way you look at your bedroom, a lot can be achieved.

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