cibes joins the fight against covid-19
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Cibes Lift Group joins the fight against Covid-19


A race against Covid-19

cibes joins the fight against covid-19

The Cibes Lift Group has began the production of frames for protective visors to support Sweden’s struggling healthcare resources in the battle against Covid-19.

Utilising the resources at their factory in Gävle, the team have been producing the frames using their 3D printer alongside their supplier Solid Engineering. Once the frames have been produced, Solid Engineering are assembling the complete visors and rushing them off to medical professionals who are on the front line. The frames can be disinfected and re-used, building Sweden’s supply and helping protect essential medical staff and teams.

Cibes lift group factory Gavle

Cibes joins many other major brands who are producing medical supplies in the battle against Corona virus. French luxury giant LVMH who produces cosmetics and perfumes for Christian Dior and Givenchy has shifted production to making hand sanitiser gel, which is being distributed to for free to French hospitals.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has asked car manufacturers Rolls Royce, Ford and Honda to assist in making medical equipment such as ventilators. A representative for Rolls Royce explained, “As they shape their plans, we are keen to do whatever we can to help the Government and the country at this time and will look to provide any practical help we can”.

The unprecedented times have seen many companies be called into help the production of medical supplies, to a degree that has not been seen since WW II. In China, Foxconn, which typically runs production for Apple has been making face masks and in Spain, fashion chain Zara are looking into converting their factories to make hospital gowns and will be donating face masks.

The Cibes Group is proud to be involved in the efforts to fight Covid-19 and be supporting it’s medical professionals and those struck by the virus. The factory continues to produce lifts in line with government guidelines and prioritises the safety of their staff and customers. Should you have any queries regarding your project or lift please contact us on 0800 085 0269.

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