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Qualities of a successful businessperson


Whether you are looking to expand your business prowess in hopes of progressing in your career, or are leading a team and are continually looking for new ways to become the best version of yourself, knowing the qualities of a successful businessperson can make sure you are set-up to thrive in any position and circumstance.

From knowing to make sure your workspace is suitable for all people by utilising platform lifts, to being decisive when those around you need guidance, a successful businessperson will be able to offer a range of attributes to help not only themselves but those around them.

You are never too old, or too successful to stop learning and improving, and so we wanted to share some of the qualities of a successful businessperson, so you can complete your toolbox.

The top qualities of a successful businessperson

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Open-mindedness and understanding

A major quality for any successful businessperson is having an open and welcoming approach to both ideas and people. If you want to attract the best talent, you need to make sure your business has a friendly face and encourages people from all walks of life to come and be a part of what you are creating.

For example, a businessperson should know that making sure your workspace is accessible and welcoming for all people, despite age or mobility, is imperative. This can be achieved by installing wheelchair lifts at your office or workplace.

Further, being able to understand the requirements of your staff is also important, and a commercial lift can certainly help with this, whether it is to make manual labour safer or to provide a welcoming environment for those with limited mobility.


Being sincere is being honest, being trustworthy and being clear. For businesspeople at all levels, sincerity is a trait that will make others not only trust you but wish to keep you around. Knowing that they won’t be lied to, or deceived, can mean your co-workers and employees will feel as though you are transparent and honest, two incredibly admirable traits.

Mathias Brandhammar, CFO & Executive Vice President of Business Support here at Cibes Lift Group AB told us his honesty in all areas is something he deems crucial to his success: “In my line of work and during the whole of my 30-plus years of management, my way of working has always been to stay honest with colleagues, customers and other business partners. This has been related to everything from the quality of products to financial numbers or delivery capabilities.”

Your honesty and sincerity are attributes that will significantly impact how people see you, especially in business. If they feel you can be deceitful, they will be more likely to expect deceit from you. However, by filling people with confidence in your earnestness, they’ll know you are a trustworthy person who is clear in their conviction.


Often, something people look for in a leader is decisiveness. Leadership can mean making a decision in an instant, and for a businessperson who is able to be decisive when the time comes, it shows others a sense of conviction and confidence. Being a person who others can come to when they are torn between two paths and being able to shine a light on their situation can be reassuring and endearing to many.

One of the greatest ways to improve your decisiveness is to improve your knowledge. By knowing more about your market, your business and being able to see the pros and cons of decisions in a relative way, you’ll be better informed to make a decision you can be confident about.

Mathias also explained to us how following his gut when making decisions has been a tool he continuously utilises: “Another thing that has been guiding me is to always follow my intuition; if the gut-feeling is not right, I never follow through – this has guided me in both business deals, recruitment and purchasing of both equipment and computer systems. Never do business with someone that gives you a bad gut-feeling and be honest to yourself and others, then you will go a long way.”

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When discussing the importance of passion, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs once said: “I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

Being self-motivated and having the ambition to continue pushing is a skill most people learn when they are young. Whether that’s through extra-curricular assignments at school or getting the training hours in with a sport. However, having a strong and on-going sense of self-motivation is a powerful quality for any businessperson. Having the ability to get up every day and push yourself to become better and do better is hard, and although taking a break is healthy and normal, being able to have the drive to keep pressing on, even when times are tough, is an impressive skill.

Per Lidstrom, CEO of Cibes Lift Group AB shared his trifecta of vital attributes, one of which being ambition: “A successful businessperson should have three important characteristics: High ethics, High ambition, High competence and in that order. Without high ethics, you don´t need the latter two and will end up in the wrong place. With high ambition, you always find a way and learn along the way. In business, competence is a blend of skill and will: It doesn´t matter what you know, what matter is what you do!”

Willingness to compromise

A strong businessperson will be self-confident, and they will make sure their voice is heard, however, they will also be willing to compromise, and to admit when they feel they are in the wrong or they do not know the answer. Throughout our lives, we are constantly learning and adapting and someone who fights this can never truly grow.

In order to be the best businessperson, you should see those you surround yourself with as your teachers rather than your competition and be ready to take advice (and criticism) onboard. Knowing they you may not always be right, but being ready to learn when you aren’t, is a strong trait and one that pride can often get in the way of.

This can also mean recognising when you may need to allow more time to train staff or adapt to their needs. Victoria from Explicit Success offered her essential quality: “The true measure of the value of any successful businessperson is their ability to manage the weaknesses of their team effectively.” Knowing the strengths of your team, but also being able to account for their potential weaknesses without it impacting your plan is essential.

Long-term mindset

Business isn’t over in a day, and for many, our careers will be a large part of our lives. By having a long-term mindset, you are able to see the big picture when it comes to your work and your career. Although a small task may only seem small now, those with a long-term mindset are able to see how that one small task can impact their future and thus value it more.

Planning for, and preparing for, business in the long-term rather than the short shows a willing endurance and is also indicative of a person who not only knows their goals but how they wish to achieve them. This is an admirable trait in employees, and it’ll show your employer that you know your long-term plans and how their business fits into your future. For leaders, it shows you will be there to guide your staff for years to come.

The top qualities of a successful businessperson:

  • Open-mindedness and understanding
  • Sincerity
  • Decisiveness
  • Self-motivation
  • Willingness to compromise
  • Long-term mindset

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