Sleek and modern co-working loft space office
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Office interior design tips to make your space stand out


Sleek and modern co-working loft space office

Office spaces can very quickly become uninspiring and repetitive spaces, with the same cookie-cutter desks and office chairs copied and pasted around the room with only family photos and staff mugs adding a sense of character to the space. However, it doesn’t need to be this way.

Since the pandemic, we’ve seen a major rise in working from home and so, businesses who wish to remain in the office will probably have to do more to keep their staff happy there. This means offering them a workspace that’s comfortable, inspiring and unique.

Read on to discover some of our office interior design ideas that can help your business achieve that.

Modern office space with coloured branding

Make it unique

One of the best things you can do when looking at the interior design of your space is to make it unique. When people walk into your office, whether a member of staff or a client, they should know it’s YOUR office and not just any other business’s. To do this create branded elements and add them to the space. If you are renting, why not paint furniture with your brand colours or invest in framed prints that offer your brand ethos? For those with ownership of the space and who are looking for a creative office, a feature wall can go a long way.

Robin Powered offer some advice on how this can be done: “Every company has internal core values that are often the pillars the company was founded on and are rolled out at onboarding and during performance reviews. Incorporating these same elements in the design of the open office can be helpful and inspiring reminders to staff members as well as comforting for visitors and customers.”

Make it accessible

Another important thing to do with your office space is to make it accessible. It’s okay if everything looks nice but it needs to be both functional and comfortable to use for everyone who may visit. This can mean ensuring there are the facilities your staff need, such as a kettle, in easy access, adding accessible elements like a goods lift and even just ensuring the space is actually easy to use.

Explaining why it’s so important that accessibility is in-built, Emagispace reveal: “A universal design concept ensures that staff and team members don’t have to ask for special treatments and design changes for their needs to be met. Instead, universal design anticipates potential challenges and eliminates them.”

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Working with sticky notes in collaborative working space

Make it collaborative

Collaborative working is a great way to bring together your staff and put all minds towards a problem. It can also be a brilliant way to unleash creativity and bring your workforce closer together. Not only should work be collaborative, but the space should be too. It’s not going to be easy for staff to talk through an issue if they have to shout over their computers and desk walls, so why not introduce a relaxed space where people can talk, whiteboards around the space that are open to all types of use or break-out meeting rooms?

Discussing the advantages of a collaborative space, Tinto Architecture say: “There are so many benefits of well-designed collaboration spaces at work, including:

  • Increased communication between traditionally isolated teams
  • More effective meetings and teamwork
  • Increased staff morale and a positive culture
  • New ideas, that may not have emerged previously
  • Better staff retention”

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Make it flexible

Flexibility in a workspace is more important than ever in recent times as working from home rises and those who are in the office may want to use it differently than they did before. As well as making sure there are designated work areas for being collaborative, it’s also important to ensure your space is flexible. This means that whatever may happen in the future, you are able to adapt your space without losing your interior design.

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Tips for finding out what may work for you

Not sure what might work for your business? There are a few things you can do to help you start generating ideas and forming a plan for an office redesign:

  • Ask your employees – This should be first and foremost on your list, in fact, you shouldn’t be making amends without asking your employees their thoughts on them. What’s more, employees may tell you something that doesn’t work for them that you’ve not considered as you don’t use that area in your day-to-day life.
  • Keep notes – When visiting other spaces, keep notes on aspects you like. Whether it’s a client visit or even a rival business, if there are aspects of their office design that appeal to you, take a photograph if you can or keep notes so that, when you do come to redesign your office space, you have a list of ideas ready to go.
  • Ask an expert – If you still really aren’t sure where to go, there are commercial interior designers and office design companies out there that are ready to step in and help out. Although this will cost you more, it will likely mean you get tried-and-tested design ideas and a high level of finish.

Office interior design tips to make your space stand out

  • Make it unique
  • Make it accessible
  • Make it collaborative
  • Make it flexible

With these four principles, you are sure to elevate your office space to the next level and make it really stand out, giving staff a more inspiring place to work. If you are looking for help with accessibility, Cibes Lifts have a great range of lift options and we are always happy to help discuss your specific requirements.

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