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Luxury living: How to install the perfect garden bar


Since we’ve been spending more time at home than ever before, we’ve wanted to upgrade our homes to be able to fulfil our every want and need. For some, this may mean small renovations or improving accessibility like with lifts for home use, but for those with a taste for luxury, it’s been a time to bring in unique upgrades that provide something we’d usually half to leave the house for.

In this article, we explore the garden bar. Perfect for garden parties and making the most of our outside space, a garden bar is a luxury feature that can add a really unique feature to the home.

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What is a garden bar?

A garden bar, or outdoor bar, is what it says on the tin, a bar in your garden. Not only a place to serve drinks but a focal point of any garden and a real luxury addition to any home, a garden bar is perfect for those who love to entertain or those who just want another reason not to leave the house.

Handyman building garden bar from wood

How can I get a garden bar?

So, you’ve decided that a garden bar is for you, but how can you get one?

Build your own

For those who are handy with tools, building your own garden bar can be a rewarding experience, save you some money and mean you are able to get exactly when you want. It will mean you’ll have to source your own materials and draw up your own plans, but there are plenty of DIY garden bar ideas online to help give you some motivation.

Buy premade garden bars

Whether you are looking for something to be constructed and installed quickly, or you’d simply rather someone else take care of all the hard work, you are able to buy premade garden bars and with their increasing popularity, there are some great options on the market for all price ranges.

With premade bars you have two options, the first is buying a premade bar and self-installing. This will be the cheaper option and will mean you can buy the bar itself from a range of locations including some major supermarkets. The second is reaching out to a custom garden furniture company that creates handcrafted bars and having one made bespoke. Although the priciest option, it means you will be able to get exactly what you want without any hard work.

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Garden bar ideas

Dedicate a decking area

A great way to not only highlight the bar in your garden but create a designated space for it is to dedicate a decking area to it. On top of your decking, you can set the bar, perhaps some bar stools or small tables and create a whole zone in your garden.

Think about where to put it

One thing about a garden bar that’s being used for parties is, it could quite a little loud and so you have to make sure you think about where you put it. Although having it closer to the house will mean a shorter trip to the bathroom or for supplies, it does mean the noise will be closer to not only anyone in your home who isn’t participating but your neighbours also. If your garden allows, having it set back and far away from the house provides you with privacy and less noise for your neighbours.

Consider heat and light

With all the will in the world, even during British summertime, you can’t be sure of the weather. For those who want a garden bar for evenings spent outside gazing at the stars, make sure you take heat and light into consideration. This could mean getting an outdoor heater, firepit or selection of cosy blankets to ensure you and your guests are warm however later you want to stay at the bar. It also means installing some lights not only at the bar but to guide your way back to the house after a night of fun.

Gardens bars are wonderful features to bring to any home and can add a real unique factor and luxury feel. Our homes are our sanctuaries, and whether it’s a garden bar or home lift that you feel would make you more comfortable in yours, taking to the time to make it happen can change your quality of life in an instant.

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