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Lifts are statistically much safer than using stairs

Today, we are going to look at the safety benefits of having a lift alternative in your home. We are going to be using a mix of facts & figures from reputable sources, this is to ensure you that our points are valid and statistically accurate. To help you make a crucial decision, on whether or not you want to invest in a Cibes lift.

4 Alarming figures for stair safety:

  • In the U.K there is a fall on the stairs every 90 seconds.
  • The largest proportion of accidents occurring among older generations.
  • 100,000 elderlies are treated for injuries every year after a fall on the stairs.
  • 58,000 children have accidents on stairs every year.

Infographic of lift safety highlighted by Cibes Lift UK


In the Workplace Or Leisure Environments

Believe it or not, steps & stairs are one of the highest risks for pedestrians. On average 100,000 accidents occur on workplace stairs every year. It could be due to the design and maintenance of the area, or it could be down to human factors. So, if you are a business owner or in charge of the building, then that is a lot of potential insurance claims that can flood in. Not only that, but you want to make sure you are offering everyone the best possible safety every time they step foot into your space, it’s your responsibility to keep everyone out of harm’s way.

So whether the scenario is within a bustling school, a train station or a shopping centre. There are a lot of busy pedestrians rushing around, being distracted by their phones or surroundings. Increasing the likelihood of a bad trip and fall. Whereas within a lift, it is cool, calm and collected. Heavily reducing the risk of an accident and the likelihood of falls occurring. Giving you & pedestrians that much-needed peace of mind.

In the home

Accidents at home are a common part of life. Stair-related injuries in people aged 75 and older are five times greater than those in young people. This next fact really hits home, but it is a serious issue that needs discussing, Stairs are the location in the home where most deaths and major injuries occur, with the most serious injuries being sustained when individuals fall whilst descending the stairs.

Every year more than 4200 children are involved in falls on the stairs. So it’s not only the older generations who are at risk, it is everyone. These are all figures that are hard to ignore, but if you install one of our lifts into your home, you completely reduce the risk of falling. Making it a comfortable environment that accommodates everyone’s needs.

Imagine circumstances in the past where you have been carrying heavy furniture up and down the stairs, or your pets have dived in between your legs as you are walking down. Installing a lift alleviates any risky scenario and makes any difficult task a breeze.

Our Scandinavian designs are renowned for their safety, design and reliability. All of our UK lifts are compact with leading design, aesthetics and engineering which are made to measure by Cibes Lift UK. A home lift makes all the floors of your home accessible to everyone you love. It transforms your home into a great place for different generations to meet, hang out and connect.

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