Lift Loving Children Receive Gifts from Cibes


Here at Cibes Lifts UK we love hearing back from our customers and lift users. When father of two, Dean Taylor, contacted us we were more than happy to help him.

Six-year-old twins, Freddie and Joseph, absolutely adore lifts and every year their parents struggle to buy the children lift merchandise. With Christmas coming up they reached out to Cibes Lifts UK for any items they may be able to provide.

Cibes Marketing Manager, Megan Geddis, said: “It was lovely to hear from Freddie and Joseph’s dad about how much passion they have for platform lifts. The fact they have such a calming effect, especially in busy public places iincredible. We hope they love their Cibes pack!

Cibes Lifts UK has provided the children with merchandise such as notebooks, pens, lift floor plans, some engineer sheets and their very own I.D. badges.

Dean said: “The boys were diagnosed with autism when they were four and since then we have stumbled into this liftrelated world.

“They feared platform lifts to start with, but this soon disappeared, and they decided that they loved them. Our house is now covered in drawings of lift control panels, it’s all they talk about.”

Freddie and Joseph often ride in platform lifts in shopping centres wherever they can and are even using lift floor numbers in school to help them with maths.

As parents, they find accessibility in stores positive saying that their children would much rather go to the local supermarket to ride in their lift than pay a visit to a theme park.

Dean continued: “I personally think they enjoy it so much because you can get in, press a button and it takes you to where you want to go. It’s a moment of quiet in the middle of a shopping centre.

“The clean lines and console in lifts is something that can calm them down for a few minutes.

“We weren’t expecting such kindness from Cibes, the boys will be made up with their presents.

Cibes Lifts provides silent and sustainable lifts to improve home accessibility. As well as caring for the community.

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