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How to stay entertained when leaving the house isn’t an option


For many people, being able to leave their home and head out for the day isn’t an option. Whether they’ve been advised to stay indoors by a health professional or because of public health concerns, some people are unable to leave their homes without the help of a carer, or even at all.

In this article, we look at some of the ways someone staying at home can keep themselves occupied and fulfilled while keeping boredom at bay.

Take up mindful activities

If you have limited mobility or are someone who requires domestic lifts, mindful activities like puzzles, colouring and embroidery are the perfect hobbies to take up as they require little movement, while also being great for your mental wellbeing.

“My elderly mother-in-law is not able to leave her house at the moment,” Rachel from Home In The Pastures told us. “So, she keeps herself busy doing jigsaw puzzles and embroidery. These help to keep her mind active and arthritic hands moving.”

Clare,  who blogs at Travel Bugs, has been enjoying colouring while staying at home: “I have loved my colouring book for adults. I purchased a lovely new pack of sharpies and a colouring book with positive sayings in it and I’ve been really enjoying spending a few minutes doing it each day.”

Travel the world virtually

If you’ve always wondered what a destination is like, why not visit it virtually? Plus, if you’re perhaps only staying home temporarily, such as recovering from surgery, this is a great way to plan a trip when you’re able to leave the house again.

“If you’re missing travel and sad that you can’t get away, I’d suggest travelling virtually,” says Jenni, blogger at Cruise Mummy. “There are lots of fantastic travel videos on YouTube that are almost as good as the real thing.”

Set yourself a reading challenge

Woman reading a book while staying at home

Of course, one of the most popular hobbies for people having to stay at home is reading. But rather than reading any old book, why not set yourself a reading challenge?

Fashion Mommy blogger Emma told us: “I’ve been setting myself small challenges with my reading, such as reading the complete works of Agatha Christie. I’ve been loving it, and to actually have some time to read for enjoyment is a real bonus.”

Enrol in an online workshop

Everything is online these days, even workshops where you can learn a brand-new skill from the comfort of your home.

Deepti, blogger at Perspective of Deepti recommends this as a great way to stay focused and work towards something valuable. Not only is this great for adults, but for children too. “To stay positive and occupied while staying at home, you can participate in online workshops to enhance your skills. There’s a whole host of workshops and fun competitions out there, particularly for young people.”

Fix up your garden

If you have one, spending some time in your garden or outside space is imperative if you’re unable to leave the house. And taking the time to spruce it up will give you a sense of achievement as well as a calming space to get some fresh air. This is also a great project to do with your family.

“We’ve been focusing a lot more on our garden,” says Sam from Yet Another Mummy Blog. “We’re not green-fingered at all, but we wanted to create a pretty, fun place where our son can play, and we can relax. The garden used to be a complete state, now it looks like adults actually own it. The weeding and mowing is great exercise too, and it really takes your mind off things.”

Try out a new recipe

Woman trying out a new recipe at home recipe at home

When you’re unable to leave your home, you’ll want to make sure you are eating not only nutritious and healthy food, but also dishes that are exciting and new.

While having to stay at home, Roma, blogger at Roaming Required has been trying her hand at some new recipes: “I’ve levelled up my cooking to a whole new level. I’m tackling recipes I never thought I’d try, recreating childhood favourites and attempting travel-inspired recipes as a way to travel without leaving my home.”

Frugal Flexitarian blogger Fiona also recommends experimenting in the kitchen, having been learning to cook sourdough bread herself. “While staying at home, I’ve been learning how to make sourdough. I spent 10 days making a sourdough starter and I’ve been baking my own bread now every couple of days. Besides having to get flour, it’s been relatively easy, great fun and saved me money.”

If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion or just do something different on a Saturday night, why not aim to learn how to cook a delicious three-course meal so you can dine out at home?

Learn to play an instrument

Something most people have on their bucket list is learning to play an instrument. Not only is this the perfect boredom-killer, taking the time to perfect a new skill is great for your sense of self.

“I am learning to play the guitar while staying at home,” says Pujarini, blogger at My Soul Travels. “I have been meaning to learn a new instrument for a long time. It feels good to be finally doing it and I’ve even been teaching my kid in the process.”

How to stay entertained when leaving the house isn’t an option:

  • Take up mindful activities
  • Travel the world virtually
  • Set yourself a reading challenge
  • Enrol in an online workshop
  • Fix up your garden
  • Try out a new recipe
  • Learn to play an instrument

Whether you decide to whip up a new dish in the kitchen or enrol in an online workshop, there are plenty of things to keep you occupied and entertained when you’re unable to leave your home.

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