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How to make your home safer for the whole family


However many generations are under your roof, there is always room for improvement in home safety. Whether you are worried about an older family member who is vulnerable to falls or have little ones in tow and want to ensure they don’t hurt themselves, upgrading your home safety is a must.

It is often said our homes are our sanctuaries, and we must ensure they are also our safe zones. In this article, find some tips on how to make your home safer for every generation of your family.

Use a digital home security system

From knowing when your windows and doors are opened to being able to access home cameras from your phone, the advancements in digital home security have been massive in recent years. Whether you are out of the house for work for the majority of the day and want to keep an eye on things, or would like to get updates if something out of the usual happens, investing in a digital security system is a good idea.

This way, you’ll be able to monitor what’s happening in your home. Know exactly when a window or door is opened or watch back video recordings if an accident has occurred. Some systems can even allow you to talk to whoever is in the house or those arriving at the door through your app.

Install a home lift to prevent falls

The stairs in our home are a prime place for trips and falls. We’ve all found ourselves losing balance on the stairs once before in our lives and we know just how dangerous this can be – especially for those with young children in the house and older relatives. As well as that, the extra strain we put on our bodies carrying items (and sometimes sleeping toddlers) up and down the stairs can’t be doing us any good.

You may never have considered installing your own lift, but with our range of home lifts for sale, you’ll be able to enjoy a new level of comfort in your own home. No longer do you need to worry about trips and falls on the stairs, and you can use your lift to transport heavy items between floors with ease. This is also a great way to make all levels of your home accessible to wheelchair users, or those with limited mobility.

Next Door Neighbours talking to eachother

Get to know your neighbours

This may seem like an unusual tip to some, but befriending your neighbours can benefit your family’s safety no end. By getting to know your closest neighbours, you’ll be able to feel secure that those who live around you are also watching out for you.

Whether this means watching over your house when you are away or contacting you should they see something suspicious, by creating a safety network with the houses around yours, you’ll be able to feel secure and know that there are others looking out for you and your loved ones. You must, of course, return the favour though.

Landscape your garden to remove hazards

The list of hazards that may be in our gardens and outdoor spaces is large, but they are such wonderful places to spend time with all of the family. From enjoying a barbeque outside on a summer evening to playing with your children in the snow on a winter’s day, there are plenty of memories to be made outside.

However, there are likely a whole range of trip hazards around your garden that should be eliminated. Try to remove any plants that could cause harm, for example, bramble bushes or rose bushes. You should also look at making the ground level, or clearly marking places you can’t to prevent falls.

If you have shared fences, it can also be a good idea to make sure these are sturdy and well-maintained. This way, not only can you have peace of mind that your family cannot wander off without you knowing, you can rest assured that people or animals cannot get in also.

Large Bookshelf

Ensure large items of furniture are secure

Large pieces of furniture like bookshelves and wardrobes can pose a falling risk as they hold a lot of weight to them. In order to eliminate this danger, we suggest ensuring all large pieces of furniture are safely secured. This means, should any little ones try to climb them, or the weight-distribution causes them to lose balance, they won’t fall over.

Equally, if you have large decorative items on your shelves it can be worth ensuring these are secured also. We all know how curious children can be and it means you don’t need to worry about them knocking something precious over.

How to make your home safer for the whole family:

  • Use a digital home security system
  • Install a home lift to prevent falls
  • Get to know your neighbours
  • Landscape your garden to remove hazards
  • Ensure large items of furniture are secure

With these simple tips, you’ll be able to make your home safer for all generations of the family. So, whether you have small children running around or live with an older relative, or you just want to level up the safety for yourself, implementing these tips is a great idea.

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