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How to make your home a place of relaxation


These days it seems the stresses of the world are hitting home harder than ever, so it has become ever more important to make sure our homes are places of peace and relaxation. With all the stress that comes from work, the news, and everyday life, having a home that encourages you to relax instead of ramping up the tension is key. In this guide, we highlight a handful of ways in which you can help to make your home a bastion of tranquillity. From making slight modifications to your house to changing certain behavioural patterns, so much can be done.

Create a cohesive theme

Décor and a unified yet calming theme throughout your home can play a big part in making your home a refuge. This is the advice of Ingrid, an interior designer from the lifestyle blog That Scandinavian Feeling, who shared her tips with us for a peaceful home:

“My top tips for making your home a relaxing place is to think about the whole space as one – so make sure you create a cohesive theme that runs through your home. Choosing a calming colour palette that makes you feel content is important because different colours affect our mood or level of energy in different ways. For me, light, muted tones such as blue, grey and pink as well as natural wood materials works the best as it makes my space feel open and airy.”

Ingrid also spoke to us about why creating a tranquil home environment is important: “I believe that it is very important for our home to be a calm, relaxing place because it helps us feel less stressed and therefore happy. I always say, ‘a calm home equals a calm life’. I think our home should be peaceful; somewhere to slow down in a stressful world. A little haven where you can relax and recharge, and a space you feel happy to spend time with those you love.”

Keep work separate

One of the key causes of a stressful house is allowing work to seep into home life. So many of us are guilty of it but it is important to keep work separate. How can you expect to relax with your family if you are always thinking about work? So, take small measures such as not checking work emails after a certain time or on weekends, if you are working at home – use an office instead of the living area, this way you won’t constantly be reminded of work when playing with the kids or having dinner. Your home needs to remind you of calm and leisure – not of the pressures of your job or career.

Keep the house tidy

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Keeping your house clean and tidy is another good step in creating a relaxing home life. Very few people look at a mess and feel a sense of calm wash over them. Normally mess such as unwashed dishes, toys all over the floor, and an unkempt bathroom increases stress, especially if you are trying to do other things. Ingrid, from That Scandinavian Feeling, told us:

“In addition to the colour scheme, I think it is also important to create a clutter-free space so that your mind feels more at ease, keeping to a minimal approach where everything you own has its designated place.”

Self-care author and writer Carley Scwheet spoke to us about the importance of a relaxing home and her advice for keeping things tidy: “Having a space to call home that feels both relaxing and peaceful is critical to a person’s overall health and wellbeing. When we live in an area that’s in disarray and cluttered, our minds can also begin to feel that way.

“My top tip for making a home a more peaceful place would be to spend ten minutes at the end of the day putting away the mail, running the dishwasher, wiping down the counters, and straightening as needed. This time spent at night will help you to wake up with less overwhelm and cleaner space. While the cleanliness may not last long, it feels better than everything piling on top of each other day after day.”

Utilise plants in your home

Many people find nature to be relaxing, if this is you, you should certainly look to populate your home with some beautiful plant life. Carley, from the blog Self Care for the Modern Mama, is a big advocate of this approach:

“A quick way to improve the mood of your home is to incorporate some beautiful foliage, ideally in each room of your house. Adding in freshly cut flowers, succulents, and other plants can not only add visual interest, but they help to welcome renewed energy into your space. It is like everything is instantly cosier!”

Create stress-relieving additions to your home

Domestic Lift

Beyond behavioural changes and decorating approaches, there are slightly bigger steps that one can take to create a more relaxing home. For example, if you are someone who struggles with mobility, opting to install domestic lifts for wheelchairs could be a big help. The stress of managing stairs or coping with a cumbersome stairlift will be eliminated and you can simply ride a modern and comfortable home lift to your bedroom or upstairs area. Other additions to your home could even include making a little retreat just for you in the form of a shed. That way you can busy yourself with tinkering projects in solitude and truly relax.

Play music at dinner, not the news

Lots of people like to have something on in the background or as their immediate entertainment while eating dinner. Unfortunately, this can often be the evening news, which can make us feel anxious, annoyed, and stressed at a time when we should be relaxing. Instead of having the news on during a meal, put some music on instead, this way current events won’t be poisoning the atmosphere around the dinner table but you can enjoy something that encourages you to unwind and forget about the world.

Have breaks from technology

Having breaks from technology will certainly help create a sense of peace and relaxation at home. With phones and tablets constantly at our side, alerting us to emails, breaking news, and calls, it can be hard to relax. Unplugging for a little while each day will help you to remain in the moment, be undistracted from the frustrations of social media, and allow you to enjoy the company of those around you (or even a bit of solitude). Don’t bring your phone to the dinner table, set a time when the laptop gets shut off, put your mobile to ‘do not disturb’ in the evening. Try little measures like this and see what impact it has on your home life.

Create a reading oasis for peace and quiet

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Sometimes, we just need some time to ourselves, taking a break from chores and other busy aspects of home life. This is why it is a good idea to create for yourself an area that screams peace and quiet. Reading is a wonderful way to bring about a sense of calm, as you are focused on one contemplative task that whisks your mind away to somewhere else without the visual bombardment of a bright screen. So, consider creating a little reading oasis for yourself – find a comfy chair in a quiet room, surround yourself with books, candles, anything that makes you feel at peace.

Leanna, from the lifestyle blog over at Pure Thoughts, shares that creating these moments of quiet in the morning and before bed are key: “Finding a few minutes to pause and appreciate a quiet moment (without interruption) can help restore clarity and perspective back to your day – this works particularly well at the start and end of your day.”

Tips for a more relaxing and peaceful home

  • Create a cohesive theme
  • Keep work separate
  • Utilise plants in your home
  • Keep the house tidy
  • Create stress-relieving additions to your home
  • Play music at dinner, not the news
  • Have breaks from technology
  • Create a reading oasis for peace and quiet

Before we leave you, Ingrid from That Scandinavian Feeling, shared with us a few more tiny things you can do to bring peace to your home: “Other ways to help bring calm to your home are by listening to soothing music or nature sounds to help create a tranquil atmosphere, adding calming scents though essential oil diffusers or scented candles (my favourite is lavender), and lastly adding cosy elements such as comfy blankets and cushions for a ‘hygge’ feeling.”

Whether you want to become tidier or add a home lift for extra convenience, there are many options available to us for creating a more tranquil home. You will never eliminate stress completely but by trying a few of the above options, great strides can certainly be made.

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