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How to make your business attractive to employees


The world is constantly changing, as are working conditions and behaviours. As a result, businesses must adapt if they want to keep attracting top employees. At times like this when the world is struggling with health scares and new ways of working, businesses might have an even tougher task of convincing employees to join their ranks – especially for those who operate an office or workplace. In this article, we present a handful of ways that businesses can be proactive and become attractive employers. From being welcoming to those with disabilities to offering great benefits, there are many ways businesses can put the right foot forward.

Offer tantalising employee benefits

One way to make your company an appealing prospect to prospective candidates is by offering a robust set of employee benefits. Employee benefits come in many forms and can include the likes of health care, paid sick leave, pension schemes, commuter benefits, and family leave support. HR company Insperity recognises that defining your company’s employee benefits is a key tool in the recruiting process: “Prospective employees want more than just a good work environment. They’re also seeking benefits that are comparable or better than what they’re receiving in their current role.”

There is also help to be had in setting up comprehensive benefits packages for your employees from companies like Unum, who offer a range of products that potential (and current) employees will be looking for.

Make your workplace accessible and welcoming to all

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There is no excuse in the modern world for not being a welcoming place of work for all employees, including those with disabilities or mobility issues. So, it is important that your workplace has the right facilities available. Something as simple as having wheelchair access like ramps and making the effort to install a disabled lift for employee use will go a long way. Not only will this help you attract a broader swath of talent, but word will spread that you are a welcoming and friendly company to work for, improving your public profile.

HR agency Disruptive HR told us: “You will be much more attractive to new talent if your employees are saying great things about you. Just focus on that.” Getting the word out there about how great your company is will be key in your success and accessibility is just one of many ways to do it.

Create wellbeing programmes

Yes, employees want a good salary, career prospects, and a happy work environment, but they also want to know that their employer cares about their health, both mentally and physically. This is especially more prevalent in recent times since the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is where wellbeing programmes play a big role. Employee wellbeing programmes can help staff manage stress, undergo mindfulness training, and help them eat well. Creating programmes like these show workers that they are valued and will be well looked after if they choose to accept a job offer.

According to Elevate – a company which helps businesses offer employee wellbeing programmes – 45% of businesses already have such programmes in place. So, for those who don’t, competing for talent will be that much harder.

Offer flexible working

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Flexible working is an increasingly desirable option for employees. The chance to be able to work from home on some days, start later, finish earlier, and plan their work commitments around family duties is extremely attractive. Therefore, if your business can offer this option to prospective candidates you are far more likely to be attractive yourself. And with more and more people preferring to work from home on a regular basis, the importance of this option cannot be stressed enough.

Furthermore, The Balance Careers says it’s not just employees that benefit from flexible working: “With flexible work schedules, employers experience benefits as well. Giving up some control of work schedules gives increased employee morale, engagement, and commitment to the organisation.”

Go the extra mile with health and safety

Employees want to know that when they come to a place of work that their safety and health are provided for. In a post-pandemic world, this is more important than ever with many people concerned about returning to traditional workplaces. Workers will be aware that businesses can’t remain open without the proper safety precautions, but it is worth going the extra mile to showcase what your company is doing to keep your employees safe as much as possible. If people are on the fence about joining your company, they might veer in your direction if they can see what great lengths you are taking in terms of hygiene, accountability, and cleanliness. Health and safety is another helpful string in your bow.

Provide a happy work environment and culture

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Staff want to work in a positive environment; a workplace that is happy, friendly and welcoming. So, for businesses looking to attract top employees, it’s vital that you not only have cultivated such an environment for employees but that you can convey this to your candidates during the recruitment stage. Putting on the like of office parties, casual days, pizza Fridays, and encouraging an atmosphere where staff can enjoy each other’s company (while not letting standards slip) are all ways this can be achieved. Let your candidates know about your company’s workplace culture and then let them see it for themselves during the interview process. People spend more time at work than anywhere else, so they want to know that they can enjoy their time in your employment.

Tips for attracting top employees to your business

  • Make your workplace accessible and welcoming to all
  • Offer tantalising employee benefits
  • Create wellbeing programmes
  • Go the extra mile with health and safety
  • Offer flexible working
  • Provide a happy work environment and culture

There are myriad ways that business owners can go about attracting great employees and the above are just some of the options available. With the desire to change workplace culture, look after your staff’s safety, install a disabled platform lift, and give them the benefits they seek, you can help put yourself in the best place possible in the modern world.

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