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How to celebrate Easter with both grandparents and children


Easter is a beloved holiday for so many of us as well as a fantastic opportunity for gathering together with loved ones. For those inviting family over for the Easter weekend, your home will likely act as a central hub for enjoying the festivities. But what is the best way to celebrate Easter with all members of the family? Well, in this guide, we have assembled a collection of top tips for enjoying this special time of year with both grandparents and children. These suggestions will make this Easter the perfect family weekend for all involved.

Before we get started, Claire, from the family lifestyle blog Life, Love, and Dirty Dishes, shared with us her quickfire recommendations for a successful family Easter: “Easter can be a really lovely time for the family. Like Christmas but a lot less stressful! The kids love making Easter cakes for people. If the weather is nice, we normally do one of the National trust Easter trails. Easter Sunday normally involves visiting the grandparents and partaking in an Easter egg hunt and a yummy roast. I think the key to Easter is to keep it simple. There doesn’t need to be lots of pressure, it’s just about spending some time together. And it is always acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast on Easter Sunday!”

Due to current concerns about the Coronavirus outbreak, it’s important that everyone follows government guidelines regarding unnecessary travel and advice about keeping safe. Therefore, spending time with grandparents this Easter, might not be possible for everyone.

Create Easter craft projects

Easter Bonnet

Image credit: Mother Geek

Crafting is a much-loved family activity that is perfect for bonding. This Easter, perhaps on Good Friday, consider indulging in your creative side and creating something together as a family or even as gifts to give each other on Sunday. Sure, things can get a bit messy, but the kids will have a ball and older members of the family can really get invested too, helping the little ones with more tricky parts of the process.

Tina, from family blog Mother Geek, remembers how her mother spent time being creative with her own daughter: “My mum loved helping my daughter make her Easter Bonnet for her nursery Easter parade. The two of them spent two afternoons scrunching up tissue paper, then swapping that for green straw stuff, before gluing fluffy chicks and bunnies onto the bonnet. They were both so proud of their green ‘Easter Hill’ creation.”

Enjoy a Sunday roast

Roast Chicken

The fact that food brings us all together is a hard one to deny and, on Easter, it is no different. So why not build your Easter Sunday around a delicious Sunday roast? By preparing a big feast, you can gather the kids and grandparents around the dining table and enjoy each other’s company while gorging on a carefully prepared roast. Just remember to go easy on the Easter eggs beforehand to save room! Afterwards, everyone should be suitably stuffed and ready to enjoy a relaxing end to the weekend.

Go to a Sunday service as a family

If you and your family are from a Christian background, consider asking your older relatives to come to the Sunday service with you and your children. This will be a great opportunity for your kids to spend more time with their grandparents and for all to come together around such an important occasion. Hannah, from the lifestyle blog Han Plans, told us that for her family, Sunday morning usually involves dividing up Easter eggs before heading to the church service together. “Easter for us is a very church-based occasion,” and “on the whole, Easter has always been a family occasion somewhere along the way.”

Play family-friendly board games

Playing games together as a family is another activity that should be on the agenda. Board games are the perfect option for Easter as no matter what the weather is doing outside or how active grandma and grandpa want to be, there is a slew of options available. The kids will have a great time competing against the older members of the family and grandparents will surely love the quality time spent with the little ones. So, gather a selection of your favourite games, an Easter egg or two, and have fun!

Arrange an Easter egg hunt

Easter Eggs

Of course, the highlight of every kid’s Easter will be the myriad chocolate Easter eggs on offer. The traditional Easter egg hunt should, therefore, be on the agenda on Sunday morning, getting the kids scavenging around the house and garden for that chocolatey goodness. Try getting the grandparents to do the hiding, offering clues for the children to help them in their hunt. Don’t make it too hard, however! No one wants tearful children who are frustrated by elusive eggs.

Vicki from the family blog Honest Mum, and author of the book MUMBOSS, says that Easter Egg hunts are a key part of their time together as a family: “Easter here is usually focused on Midnight Mass before an Easter egg hunt outdoors, usually at RHS Gardens with family and friends. The weather improves during this time of year and feeling the sun on our faces whilst enjoying chocolate in the great outdoors makes us happy and hopeful. I’d recommend searching for local parks who place Easter egg trails and also consider non-chocolate gifts too.”

Go for a casual and accessible family walk

A great way to work off all that chocolate – or make room for more – is by going for a leisurely walk as a family. Not only will the family dog appreciate the exercise, but a bit of fresh air will do everyone a bit of good. Try to pick a route that is easy going and accessible, especially for grandparents with limited mobility who might utilise an internal home lift. Then hurry back inside to warm up for more Easter festivities.

Have fun in the kitchen

Grandmother Baking With Grandchild

Baking is a wonderful activity to enjoy as a family. Everyone can get involved in making delicious treats in the kitchen, especially with the promise of something yummy at the end. Picking something like cakes or cookies is a great idea, as the kids will have great fun decorating with icing. Make sure to choose an Easter theme, like Easter Bunny shaped biscuits. With the grandparents reigning in the kids from their excesses, hopefully, the result will be tasty, and all involved will have enjoyed the family time spent together.

Emilie of Oh My! Sugar High, a food blog full of tasty treat ideas, recommends making some delicious mini Easter cakes with chocolate eggs: “These adorable little cakes from Lisa at Fabulous Habits are the perfect spring dessert for Easter. They do require a few steps, but they are quite easy to make and are sure to impress.”

Top tips for celebrating a family Easter weekend

  • Create Easter craft projects
  • Enjoy a Sunday roast
  • Go to a Sunday service as a family
  • Play family-friendly board games
  • Arrange an Easter egg hunt
  • Go for a casual and accessible family walk
  • Have fun in the kitchen

We hope the above tips and advice will be helpful for planning your Easter weekend. There are so many fun options out there and activities that all the family can enjoy. So, invite your loved ones around and enjoy each other’s company during this special time of year.

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