Go Green in 2020 with Cibes EcoSilent Platform Lift



Considering platform lifts, but worried about the implications on your surroundings and the environment? 

In today’s society it is becoming increasingly important to go green and be sustainable. More and more pressure is being put on our planet as we are increasingly using more of the Earth’s resources and generating pollution. 

Additionally, the global demand for lifts is growing, which has created the need for a sustainable lift. In this buzzing and ever-changing world, only the serenity of nature remains. This is what inspired us to develop the EcoSilent drive system. The result is a quiet, eco-friendly revolution for platform lifts and for your home. 


It is estimated that lifts consume 4% of the energy produced globally and at Cibes Lift Group, we care about you and we care about the planet. The EcoSilent drive system acts like a built-in eco-setting. To make your home platform lift run in eco mode all the time, carrying the Energy Label A. This eco-friendly platform lift has an energy consumption of 215kWh/year, which is less than your modern washing machine, television, oven, and fridge-freezer! 

The A5000 platform lift equipped with the EcoSilent drive system runs with 45% less energy than a lift without. Not only is this a great an investment to save money on your home in 2020, it is a great investment for the planet. 


Not only do lifts consume global energy, they generate a varied degree of noise pollution, and here we respect your need for peace and quiet in your home…

  • Running the tap: 85 dB
  • Washing machine: 65 dB
  • Dishwasher: 55 dB
  • Cibes Platform Lift with EcoSilent system: 40 dB

The EcoSilent drive-system makes your platform lift blend in with the sounds of everyday life at home and we want you to be able to enjoy the comfort of your lift day and night, without ever causing any disruption to those around you. To offer you and your loved ones a smooth, quiet ride, we took inspiration from the serenity of Swedish nature which results in them fitting perfectly into any home. Each lift can be customised to your own personal taste with colouring, flooring, glass features and comfort alternatives to suit. 



Our talented engineers embarked on a quest to invent new ways to optimise our drive system, which resulted in the EcoSilent platform lift. 

The new lifting screw has a 36mm pitch and the new joints are smooth enough to be hardly noticeable during travel, even during a heavy lift load. 

The new roller guide shoes reduce the frictional force by a staggering 90%! The roller guide shoes need to lubrication, meaning this lift is also easy to maintain.

The new drive unit includes a more powerful motor, a new poly V belt transmission and a brake system with a higher brake torque. 

The drive unit is enclosed in an elegant sound-proof metal casing, designed to cover up the drive unit and reduce high-frequency noise.

This Cibes EcoSilent platform lift offers you the option to make your life quieter and more energy efficient in 2020. For more information click here to download our brochure, or get in touch today. 


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