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Companies and influencers to inspire your eco-revolution


The green awakening happens at different speeds for all of us and for those who are realising that they aren’t doing enough to protect the environment, you might be looking for some helpful nudges towards people who can inspire you. In this guide, we have selected a handful of companies and influencers to inspire your home eco-revolution. From those who share tips and advice for getting started on your green journey to those who provide products that can make your sustainable lifestyle a reality, the choices below will get you well on the way to an eco-friendlier future.

Gypsy Soul

Run by blogger Georgina Caro, Gypsy Soul is a wonderful blog all about sustainable living. If you have been looking to create a more sustainable lifestyle, Gypsy Soul is a fantastic place to start with the blog being full of great tips and advice on topics such as sustainability, zero waste, and minimalism. For Georgina, sustainability is an all-encompassing lifestyle, and explaining why she started down this route, Georgina says:

“Before children, I was very eco-conscious but then I lost my way. Having two children in two years was all-consuming. I opted for convenience over sustainability every time. Now the kids are older I have more time to think about the kind of life I want to lead and the examples that I want to set for them.”

With articles on topics such as reducing food waste, plastic-free skincare, and how to have a zero-waste packed lunch, there’s plenty for you to sink your teeth into.

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The Fabulous Times

Have you ever checked out the website The Fabulous Times by blogger Christine? If you are at all interested in beginning an eco-conscious lifestyle, you certainly should. Based in Manchester, Christine blogs about a wide variety of topics, with a particular emphasis on self-care and sustainable living tips. A quick glance at The Fabulous Times and those seeking a mindful life will quickly feel at home, finding inspiration on everything from sustainable fashion and eco-travel to clean beauty and wellness.

Offering a tease about what new readers can expect on her blog, Christine says that The Fabulous Times is “written for (and by), the creative and curious, you can expect practical sustainable living advice, eco-travel and mindful moments. From talking traditional home remedies to inspiring reads that make you want you to seize the day. We’ve put the sustain in sustainability, offering long-term solutions for living consciously.”

Showcasing the variety of content on display, some of Christine’s pieces include articles about starting a sustainable e-commerce business and eco-friendly garden planters.

Green Dreamer

If you are on the hunt for an eco-centric podcast to listen to, you can stop your search with Green Dreamer. Hosted by Kamea Chayne, Green Dreamer was started with a desire to make a difference and having nuanced conversations about interconnected global, social, and environmental issues.

Giving a sense of what the podcast is about, the team at Green Dreamer states: “Green Dreamer Podcast explores our paths to holistic healing, ecological regeneration, and true abundance and wellness *for all*.”

Featuring a diverse range of guests, you can look forward to hearing from some of the most interesting voices on environmental issues. With over 300 episodes currently available, on topics such as our roles as caretakers of the earth and seed-to-sew-fashion systems, the Green Dreamer podcast will quickly become a regular stop on your weekly podcast line-up.

They will even let you know about some of their favourite episodes to get you started if you sign up for their newsletter!

There are some really amazing online shops and retail outlets available which focus on sustainability and providing products which are eco-friendly. So, if you are looking for some new places to shop, checking out a website like is a great idea. allows you, in one convenient place, to shop from hundreds of eco-conscious, ethical, and sustainable brands. Whether you are after women’s clothes and accessories or kitchenware and kid’s clothes, makes it easy to find the eco products you need.

It’s not just protecting the environment that values but also fair labour. Describing their goals, the company says: “When launched it was our hope that we could create a one-stop-shop for sweatshop-free goods and cruelty-free beauty products. Co-founder Raquel made it her mission to bring design-led, fairly made products to the masses, promoting strong ethics and independent brands who are striving to make a positive impact on the planet.”

So, take a look at the site and see if you can find the items you are looking for to make your eco-revolution a reality. They even have some great eco-friendly gift ideas if you have a loved one’s birthday coming up.

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The Eco Shop

The Eco Shop is another fantastic online retailer that can get you well on your way to a greener future and help you truly live your ideals. With a wide variety of products available, it’s websites like The Eco Shop that make it easy to find what you need and do your part to help the environment.

Specialising in all things eco-friendly, zero waste, and cruelty-free, at this shop you can find everything from makeup and stationery to toiletries and cleaning products. It’s the day-to-day items we use that make the most difference on the environment so shopping at outlets like The Eco Shop goes a long way.

Talking about their goal for The Eco Shop, the team says: “Our dedicated team of eco-warriors scour the planet to bring you the best, industry-leading products that we can find. We want to help you easily make the switch to eco-friendly, ethical, toxin-free, sustainable, and zero waste alternatives to mainstream products that are often bad for you and for the environment.”

Eco-Design Consultants

For those looking for a dramatic change in their living arrangement or for businesses that want to fully commit to a greener lifestyle, going to a company like Eco-Design Consultants would be a smart idea. Eco-Design Consultants is an architecture practice and environmental consultant that can help you build a home or a business that works for you and the environment.

Describing what they can offer to their clients, the company says: “Eco Design Consultants is an award-winning chartered architecture practice that designs beautiful, practical and fun places to live and work. We strive to deliver responsive solutions which have a minimal impact on the environment.”

From architectural services and assessments to training and presentations, Eco Design Consultants can help individuals, businesses, and national house builders in numerous ways. Reach out to them here if you think their services might benefit you!

Cibes EcoSilent Lift

Green accessibility solutions

Who says that a green lifestyle can’t be combined with luxury and convenience? At Cibes Lift, we offer a range of lift solutions to make life easier, including lifts for home use. Our lifts are stylish, elegant and perfect for those who want to add some luxury to their home or make getting up and down the stairs easier.

Our lifts even include an eco-friendly option, with our brilliant EcoSilent Lifts. The EcoSilent drive engine is smart and energy-efficient and a great choice for green homes. Made with sustainable technology, the eco-system is basically like a built in eco setting for your lift. It carries the Energy Label A and consumes just 215 kWh a year, which is less than modern washing machines.

So, if you are looking to make your home more accessible and not leave a big footprint, there is a green solution for you.

Eco-friendly companies, influencers, and products

  • Gypsy Soul
  • The Fabulous Times
  • Green Dreamer
  • Ethical Market
  • The Eco Shop
  • Eco-Design Consultants
  • Cibes EcoSilent Lifts

We hope you will check out a few of the above options to help you on your eco-friendly journey. With the inspiration offered by the bloggers and influencers mentioned and the products offered by green shops, starting your eco-revolution has never been easier.

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