Aerobility Opens Access to the Skies


At Cibes Lifts UK we love to champion charities that increase the accessibility of those with disabilities to everyday experiences. 

Flying an aeroplane is something not many people get to experience in their lifetime but with the help of British flying charity, Aerobility, terminally ill and disabled people are getting involved with this wonderful experience.

Aerobility provides ‘experience of a lifetime’ trial flying lessons for as many disabled people as possible every year. 

Founded in 1993, nearly 1,000 people now participate nationally flying from Tatenhill and the Liverpool areas and from Blackbushe in Hampshire.

Dean Burrows, Managing Director of Cibes Lift UK, said: “We loved hearing about Aerobility and the great work it does. We know what a difference accessibility can be to people’s lives and it is organisations such as this, that make a real difference to them.”

Aerobility has a fleet of five aircraft and offers, without exception, the opportunity for disabled people to fly an aeroplane.

Bridger-Stille began volunteering and flying with Aerobility following an accident which left him in a wheelchair. Edward credits the charity for helping him through his recovery process.

He said: “Aerobility has helped me so much and given me a real purpose again.

“For some, just that amazing first flight is enough to change their outlook on disability forever. It makes you think ‘if I can fly a plane, what else can I do?’”

Edward explained that the charity not only helps disabled people into the air but “enables them to become involved in a truly exciting hobby.” 

The charity has had a huge impact on the lives of many individuals like Edward and their families and has even led some people to securing their own Private Pilot’s Licence.

Aerobility is currently building its own aeroplane.

Thirty volunteers hope to build the plane to be used daily by licenced disabled flyers. The plane may also be used to provide therapeutic flying experiences for new and current flyers.

The Build A Dream project is the first of its kind, being entirely built and flown by a team of disabled people.

Everyone at Cibes Lifts UK would like to wish Aerobility the best of luck with their Build a Dream project.

You can find out more about Aerobility by contacting them on [email protected] or 0303 303 1230. 

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