6 strategies to power through challenging times

6 Strategies to power through challenging times


6 Strategies to power through challenging times

We spoke to life coach Suzanne Barbour to find out her techniques on how to deal with challenging times. Specialising in helping people to cope when they are experiencing or
have experienced a life changing illness or injury, Suzanne is highly experienced in helping people overcome extremities. Here’s what she had to say:

There isn’t anyone at the moment that can avoid being affected in one form or
another by the recent pandemic CoVid-19. As the immediate future is so
uncertain, it is not surprising that we are all feeling a lack of control over our
lives. When we feel vulnerable we react in many different ways, as we have
witnessed in the media and out and about in our local communities.
It is perfectly normal to feel a whole range of negative emotions.

• Fear
• Panic
• Stress
• Sadness
• Anger
• Loss of control
• Frustration
• Overwhelm
• Guilt
• Isolation

The good news is, there are lots of techniques and strategies you can use to help
you take control and cope better.

6 ways to get through covid-19

The experience will be so different for everyone depending on their personal
situation, however it will involve a roller-coaster of emotions and a raft of new
practical challenges as you go through your individual journey. For some, the
mental challenge will be excruciating for others you might be able to focus and
push through it at the time, but a lack of control, anxiety and even feelings of loss
may creep up on you now or much later.

  1. Allow yourself to feel it
  2. Have the conversation
  3. Create your support team
  4. Learn how to take back your control
  5. Find the balance
  6. Keep a journal

Read Life Coach Suzanne Barbour’s 6 Strategies To Power Through Challenging Times.


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