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With over 75 years’ experience within the lift industry, Cibes Lift UK is part of the Cibes Lift Group family. An international powerhouse, that has worked tirelessly over the last few decades to combine cutting-edge technology with long-lasting engineering.

Cibes Lift UK provides unrivalled lift maintenance plans, to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. With the best technical support on the market, our knowledgeable, highly trained support team is on hand to help whenever you need them.

Lift Servicing

Lift servicing

We strongly recommend that your lift is serviced at least once a year, depending on usage. Maintenance and servicing plans are available with every Cibes lift and we have a range of servicing packages to offer depending on your needs, that will help guarantee the reliability and good working order of your lift.

If we didn’t install your lift, don’t let that stop you, enquire now to find out how we can help with lift maintenance and servicing.

Maintenance support Cibes

Maintenance support

Agreeing to a maintenance plan with Cibes Lift UK guarantees at least one service visit per year, carried out by one of our Cibes Lift Group qualified engineers. All essential lift functions will be tested, lubricated, and a full safety check performed.

Battery lowering function

Thanks to our battery lowering device, in case of power outage you can drive the lift directly to a lower floor. As soon as the lift reaches the lower stop, the door will open automatically and you can leave the lift safely without third party assistance.

24-hour technical support

If you’re experiencing maintenance problems with your lift, or your lift unexpectedly fails, simply call Cibes Lift UK for support on 0800 085 0269 or e-mail us at [email protected]

Our experienced technicians are always on hand to try and find the cause of the failure over the phone. If the issue cannot be resolved with telephone assistance, you will instantly be allocated a technician to come resolve the problem.

Maintenance Contract

Find Out More About Our Maintenance plans

We always advise you to have a maintenance plan with a certified Cibes engineer, who has the proper technical training and are specialists on our kind of lift technology.

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