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Cibes Lift UK offers you a wide range of high-quality, space-saving and energy-efficient home lifts. We invite you to discover our products to find the lift solution that best suits your home and the needs of your family.


We make a wide range of home lifts that can be adapted to most homes and budgets. Do you dream about accessing all the floors of your home by the simple push of a button? Make your dream come true by offering your family the everyday luxury of a residential lift. Discover our lift solutions!


In addition to the instant reward of enhancing your comfort at home, investing in a residential lift is a smart investment in your home, family and future. Buying a lift for your home not only makes everyday chores like vacuum cleaning and washing your laundry easier. It also makes your home more comfortable and inviting to all generations of your family and future proofs your home for your golden years. Not to mention that buying a residential lift is an investment that will add real estate value and make your home more desirable to potential buyers.

Cottage with cherry blossom tree

future proofs your home

Villahissar ökar fastighetsvärdet på ditt hem

enhances your comfort

Cibes Air home lift

adds value to your home

Different generations of Family

connects generations


At Cibes Lift Company, we have over 70 years of experience of manufacturing domestic house lifts and public passenger lifts. Our intelligent design enables our lifts to integrate seamlessly with any home, without the extensive preparations and building work associated with conventional lifts. If you are looking for an elegant and customisable lift solution, which causes minimal disruption to your daily life and reduces your building costs, Cibes residential lifts are a great option!

Cibes platform lifts compared to conventional lifts


Cibes home lifts are machine room-less, compact lift solutions, which have a low pit and top height compared to conventional lifts.

  • Minimal structural impact
  • Minimal refurbishment
  • Low construction costs

Cibes modular lift concept


All types of home lifts in the UK are delivered in ready-made elements to ensure fast delivery and a smooth and easy installation.

  • Fast track manufacturing & delivery
  • Installation in just a few days
  • Reduced labour costs


Low top height


Machine room less lifts

Built-in machine room

Space-saving home lifts



Our residential lifts adapt to your home, not the other way around. You create the design you want by choosing the lift model, materials and colours that suit your style and the architecture of your home. If you need our help, we will be there to advise and guide you.

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Cibes home lift solutions

Regardless of what your needs are or what kind of home you live in, our wide range of lift models, sizes and accessories enable us to provide a lift solution for almost any home. Our residential platform and cabin lift solutions are customisable to your requirements for style and comfort. All Cibes domestic lifts for the UK carry the CE mark and comply with European Safety Standards.

cibes family moments – bringing people together

Bringing people together – that is the Cibes vision and that is what everything we do is about. Our wheelchair lifts make all the floors of your home accessible to everyone you love. A residential lift will not only enhance the comfort of your home, it will enable different generations to meet and hang out and experience those magical family moments together.

Father and son in front of Cibes lift
Elegant couple smiling at one another
Multi-generational family with small baby
Multi-generational family with Cibes lift

Homelift – The alternative to a stairlift

Whether you are planning to build your own home or you wish to grow old in your current property, installing a home lift where your property has two or more floors is an ideal solution and something to consider as an alternative to a stairlift.

Against a stairlift, where you are tied to having this installed alongside a staircase, a domestic lift can be installed anywhere within your property… you could even have it as a statement piece in the centre of a room! This advantage allows those who are wheelchair users and those with walking disabilities, move freely around their home. Providing independence without the need to be seated as you would on a stairlift or, for outside intervention from carers and assisted living facilities. If you are thinking of future-proofing your home, a home lift can still be installed now and utilised for other household tasks such as transporting heavy objects from floor to floor until you have a requirement to also use it for mobility purposes.

Our home lifts offer value for money throughout the product’s life-cycle. With robust and durable manufacturing, our domestic lifts have a life span of 25+ years, whereas a stairlift only has ten years. By investing in a home lift, you can increase the curb appeal and overall value of your home – when it comes to selling your property, you can sell for a greater price.

How does a home lift work?

A house lift is also referred to as a vertical platform lift, this is because it transports you vertically from floor to floor through the ceiling. With this concept, it is very similar to a traditional passenger lift that you would find in buildings and public settings such as hotels and offices – however, is a much more affordable solution.

Without the need for a lift pit, shaft or machine room, our lifts are self-supporting structures that feature innovative spindle drive technology. Benefiting from quiet operation and energy consumption savings.

Innovative and easy to use, our home lift models feature a handle with integrated control buttons. To operate the lift, you have to apply pressure by holding onto the handle. You don’t have to worry about your safety either, because all our lifts are equipped with extensive safety precautions. All our models are equipped with a safety bar – as soon as you touch it, the lift stops automatically. The same applies if the lift detects an obstacle.

Why choose a home lift?

In addition to the benefits of a home lift as an alternative to purchasing a stairlift, our lifts are customisable to suit the aesthetics and overall design of your home, regardless of you living in a new build or period property. Our team can help find the ideal domestic lift solution for your property, whether this be installing a home lift near your stairs, in the centre of the room or even external to your property.

We offer a whole range of different home lifts, with suitable models for both single households and multi-family homes. Our product ranges come in a variety of different sizes, ensuring you can find the right solution for the space available – our smallest home lift only requires 1000x1200mm of installation space. You can find further information surrounding the purchasing process via our How-To Buyer’s Guide.

All of our home lifts are influenced by Scandinavian design and have fully customisable finishes from the exterior colour, interior floor, glass and, door handles. Why not build your dream lift with our configurator tool? Our team understand the importance of finding the right home lift solution for your property, including making sure it suits the existing aesthetics and interior design of your home.

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