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Do you ever dream about accessing all the floors of your home by the simple push of a button? Make your dream come true by offering your family the everyday luxury of a home lift. You will never regret your decision. A home lift by Cibes UK is a beautiful architectural feature that everyone in the family can appreciate and enjoy.


We are one of the leading manufacturers of home lifts in the UK. Our range of home lifts includes the popular A4000, which is small enough to fit into your wardrobe! Contact us for more information about our home lifts.

Cibes Lift UK can provide the perfect solution for all your needs and our Scandinavian designs are renowned for their safety, design and reliability. All of our home lifts are compact with leading design, aesthetics and engineering, which are made to measure by Cibes Lift UK.

Domestic home lift in garageMAKES EVERYDAY LIFE CONVENIENT

A home lift makes your everyday life more convenient & safer. The lift makes all the floors of your house accessible by the push of a button and helps you in your everyday chores. So no more lifting heavy items up and down the stairs, just place it in the lift and away you go. It’ll make a massive difference to your back, giving it some much needed relief.


Create your very own lift design by selecting from our range of colours and materials that will complement your interior beautifully. A home lift is a great architectural feature which will add elegance to your home. We have a lot of options to choose from so you can make it match your taste & style down to a tee.

Different generations of FamilyCONNECTING GENERATIONS

A home lift makes all the floors of your home accessible to everyone you love. It transforms your home into a great place for different generations to meet, hang out and connect. Now your family can visit your home without the worry of steep stairs or feeling out of breath, making it a safe & fun space to go.

A residential lift adds value to your homeADDS VALUE TO YOUR HOME

A home lift will future-proof your home for your golden years and increase the real estate value of your home. In all respects, a home lift is a great investment. The uniqueness of a home lift makes for a great selling point that buyers will absolutely dream about having.


Cibes Lift UK provides a first-rate solutions to any project, regardless of the architectural style or structural constraints of your building. We offer a large choice of lift sizes. We also offer a selection of incredibly compact residential lifts, small enough to fit into your wardrobe! If you would like more information about any of our lift solutions, or to receive a free quotation, contact us today!


Our great choice of lift models and sizes makes it easy for you to find the perfect lift for your home. Cibes home lifts carry the CE mark and comply with European Safety Standards.


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