How much does a home lift cost?

The cost of a home lift varies by brand, lift model and size, number of floors as well as on your choice of options and accessories. To give you a rough idea, a lift serving 2 floors has a starting price of approximately 17.000 £. But before you think about the home lift cost, you might want to see what your lift could look like. We offer you the possibility to create your own design with our lift configurator.

What affects the price of your lift? #

The price of your domestic lift varies because it depends on your lift specification, for example:

1. The lift model and size

2. Indoor/outdoor installation

3. The number of floors

4. Colours and materials

5. Options and accessories

Why are Cibes lifts less expensive? #

Cibes Lift solutions are delivered ready-made and are less expensive than other lifts on the market thanks to our comparatively low installation and construction costs. In addition, Cibes screw-driven lifts require less maintenance than hydraulic or belt-driven lifts.

1. Delivered with a ready-made shaft

2. Fast and easy installation

3. Minimal construction work

4. Low maintenance costs

Read more about the price of our home lifts here.

Our sales representatives will offer you great advice on which lift solution is the best choice for your specific project and needs. We are happy to provide you with a specific lift quotation without any obligation to purchase, contact us.

How much does a home lift cost

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